Zenonzard Reroll Guide & Reroll tier List


Zenonzard Reroll Guide and Reroll Tier List

Zenonzard is an AI-based card game. In which you have to beat the AI with your own IQ. It is developed by HEROZ Inc and published by Bandai for both Android and IOS platforms. In this article check out Zenonzard Reroll

Zenonzard Reroll guide and reroll the tier list.

Zenonzard – Artificial Card Intelligence

Zenonzard is the latest digital card game with specialized card game AI developed by HEROZ Inc and published by Bandai. Zenonzard uses all AI in this game including battles and cultivation along with the AI. There are many modes in this game including a diverse battle system.

There are a total of three modes in Zenonzard, they are;

  • Rank Match: You can battle your opponent’s buddy ACI and collect elements to push your rank.
  • Friend Match: You can also battle your friend’s buddy ACI in a cross battle.
  • Quest Mode: You can also play Quest mode to collect more rewards.

Zenonzard Reroll Guide

Reroll guide of Zenonzard is almost the same as other games reroll we did it our previous guide. At the very beginning of the game, the match will start with 10 cards to draw the best card. All you need to draw the 10X cards to prove your luck.

There is the possibility of coming the best cards chance at very low and may the chance to get random cards more. The probability of getting Legends cards is less and common cards more. The reroll will start as soon as you start drawing cards. Note you can’t spend gems while reroll so depend on your luck, not in gems.

ZENONZARD reroll guide
ZENONZARD reroll guide

Complete all your 10X card draw and check for the best legends cards after the drawn process end. However, after getting some best cards you can continue your game or you can clear applications data from the settings and try again.

Zenonzard Reroll Tier List

While reroll your target must be the legend cards and compare all the legend cards in your inventory and continue the game but if you don’t have sufficient cards you and try again reroll.

Here is some Reroll tier list of Zenonsard:

Red Card

Flare Zaura

It is a removable card which has a finisher in a single card. It is easy to use and only needed a single booster minion.


It is a powerful dwarf with high removal effect. It is easy to use and available in cheap.

Yellow Card


Acemy are the rulers of Azura and available cheap avian minions to level up 3. Once they are maxed, gets amazing finisher.


Worthy for a yellow card.


It is overpowered for a yellow card. It has the potential to beat Lachesis and other respective threats.

Light Card


It is easy to use while alone because has the ability to deal powerful board wipe abilities. It does not need android to perform.


It has the ability to block strong and can be used alone. Overpowered chrome charger makes it truly worthy light card.

Green Cards


Easy card with high synergy with boost based minions.

Two-Horned Treewalker

An Overpowered card with outstanding statics with a very high cost. High synergy with insane removal resistance.

Blue Card


It is an aggressive card that has ultra finisher performance. It can deal with an insane amount of damage while attacking or summoned and makes it easier to use.

Colourless Cards


A phoenix powered card with phoenix force and easy comfort in any phoenix deck. Its genetic board has an ultra-wide board.


A multideck card with high synergy and need multiple for true potential.

These are the reroll tier list that is available in Zenonsard, make sure you own some of these cards while rerolling.

Details about those cards

Red Cards

Flare Zaura –  This card is easy to use and to use this card you will need a boost base minion

Emeli Card – This card has a Very powerful Removal effect. There are lots of  Cheap dwarfs also available.


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