Turtle Beach Elite 800 Review in Detail [Updated 2020]

Turtle Beach Elite 800 is a high-end wireless headset made for both portability and stand on. The device comes with  Bluetooth 4.0 and dual pairing which enables the connection of two devices at once. For stand on use, you get a charging dock and transmitter in one unit which is capable of connecting the headset to all your consoles, PC or Mac, and transmits the sound to the actual headpiece o let’s explore The Turtle Beach Elite 800 review.

The Turtle Beach Elite 800 ships with all the high-end features expected from a 353$ portable headset. The device has  Active noise cancellation. It is a very good feature for traveling people who have to use their headphones in noisy areas. You also get DTS Headphone:X 7.1 Surround Sound. There is programmable audio presets for certain games. For multiplayer games, there is intelligent Dynamic Chat Boost so you can hear people over the noise of the game.
The Turtle Beach Elite 800 doesn’t have the style statement of wireless headsets from Beats, Bose and JBL. However, it has a huge technical improvement on previous tries of Turtle Beach. Actually, it is generally improved than almost every gaming headsets. The obvious design inspiration stems Beats Studio Wireless headphones. The Elite 800 shares a noticeably similar headband, ear cup and cushioning design, with the exception being the Beats’ signature fold up mechanism.

Turtle Beach Elite 800 wireless headset is of flagship quality. It’s a beautiful piece of hardware with shiny black colors, impressive earpads and rounded edges which look futuristic. The free-standing headset on its charge base also acts as the wireless transmitter. The headset is an attention seeking an addition to your living room. Putting them on makes you realize the quality of this device. Excluding some noticeable disadvantages, the headset might be the best headset that Turtle Beach has manufactured to date.

Turtle Beach Elite 800 Review

  • Impressive Sound Quality
  • Futuristic Next gen design
  • A whole lot of features
  • Customizable and Comfortable
  • Premium pricing
  • Battery Life
  • Separate adapter for Xbox Compatibility
  • Charging issues with PS4
  • Questionable Control Placements


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Turtle Beach has received a lot of success in the gaming headset market for the past 10 years or so. The online gaming market has expanded rapidly and dedicated headsets have gone from being a luxury item to a necessity, and Turtle Beach has harvested the benefit.  It has become the most famous name in this particular market with the company partnering with professional gamers, launching a wide range of products on a pretty ranged price point, and manufacturing satisfying products.

The company has had their hands dirty on the high-end gaming headphones before with its Seven line. It has also made high-end wireless portable headphones for more general usage, like the i30. The Elite 800 focuses to combine both these functions. The headset can be used for any type of content consumption at home and then taken out of the door for listening to music on the fly.

This headset comes with the Bluetooth wireless connectivity for making a connection to portable devices such as laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. The bundled wireless transmitter works with most devices that have an optical audio output, such as a PC, Mac, or any other console. The Turtle Beach Elite 800 definitely has it all with its undeniably impressive connectivity. The dual Bluetooth 4.0 pairing means that it will work with two devices at once. If your portable device doesn’t have the Bluetooth connection then you can connect using a 3.5mm jack included in the box.

It comes with a wireless dock that connects to devices at home including PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PC and Mac, it uses the optical audio connection and micro-USB port for it. The headset’s installation varies with the machines, but the package contains all the necessary cables, and a setup guides for it. A specifically nice feature is that the transmitter also features optical output. This enables the transmission of the surround sound signal to your set-top box or TV.

There’s just one big cut back on the home console compatibility, the Xbox consoles. You can still connect the headset to the Xbox One with a separate adaptor from Microsoft, costing around 28$. This a frankly an annoying letdown. The blame goes completely to Microsoft. But still, At 353$, it seems like a reasonable bargain to expect a headset to be compatible with the second best-selling console of the moment despite having some additional charges.

Turtle Beach Elite 800 Review Based On Design

Excellent Design with only Minor Details flaws.

This wireless transmitter is an aesthetically crafted device. Acting as a dock to charge the headphones when they’re not in use, the transmitter has a nice touch to it. This feature, however, might not be entirely necessary. The headphones can be charged via the included micro-USB cable. Still, having a wireless charger at our disposal is a nice touch.

The headphone design is sublime. It is going for that beats headphones look. While it doesn’t have an entirely revamped design, there are some small design flaws that must be addressed.  The earcups are a little too overdone with various logos, the flashing Bluetooth status lights looks plain stupid, and they don’t fold up for easy transportation.

The build quality feels solid despite being made up of plastic. It is especially advantageous because the package doesn’t come with a carrying case. The padding on the ears and headband is soft and luxurious. The comfort is incredible. It is rather surprising to as the overall weight of the headset of 372 grams, which is really heavy next to the i30 at 314 grams.

The control mechanism is very well designed. The headset is covered in buttons which controls what you’re listening to. It has eight buttons in total split across four on each ear cup. This implies that you don’t have to reach into your smartphone on your pocket to control the music. Volume Control, skipping tracks, adjusting audio profiles, controlling bass/treble, to boost bass and treble,  microphone control, noise cancellation, and activating Bluetooth can be made performed from the headset itself.

On the contrary, they can be pressed by mistake. The location is very awkward, located on four axes on each ear cup, which is exactly where you’d normally touch to adjust the headset or turn it off, and they don’t require any real pressure to depress, so it’s a bit of a problem at first. The learning curve is also very huge, you have to get used to the headset before you can be comfortable with it.

The default ear covers look a little busy because of all the logos but they can be customized with new ear covers. Registering the headset with Turtle Beach can turn you into an Elite Member and you can win two free pairs of speaker plates, in addition to other bonus gifts such as an extended warranty of two years and a Turtle Beach t-shirt.

Audio Quality and Features

The Turtle Beach Elite 800 has one of the best sound quality in any gaming headsets that we’ve ever listened to. The sound is beautiful and any content is it music, games or movie is really impressive The volume range is very high which makes it much better for streaming content having a quieter sound to it.

The headset is jam-packed with features expected from this price range.  Active Noise Cancellation is a strong selling point for travel people. The headset has drastic improvements over the feature on the i30, which sometimes felt a bit off while listening.  The headset has a tiny yet clear effect that blocks out most of the background noise in your surroundings. You can just ignore the outside world and enjoy your content without any interruption.

Turtle Beach Elite 800 Review Based On Audio

Active Noise Cancellation with high volume range and lifelike and 3d fell audio.

The headphones also have the new DTS Headphone X 7.1 Surround Sound technology for audio sources that output a Dolby Digital audio signal. This technology allows you to experience audio as if it’s coming from a pinpointed source. The audio is very lifelike and has a 3D feel to it. The pure stereo option is very good to listen to but the kind of sound you want depends upon your preference.

Custom specific audio profiles are lacking on other gaming headset doesn’t lack here. The headset has the ability to load in specific audio load in specific audio profiles for individual titles such as FIFA and Battlefront. This can either be done through Turtle Beach’s Ear Force Audio Hub software on PC, or you can just download the Android app. No iOS apps are there as of now. The Mac software, on the other hand, only has the headset’s firmware updates.  It doesn’t control audio profiles.

The vocal effect option while making a phone call which was present previously in the i30 headset has been removed. This is actually a good thing as the microphone will have definite clearness to it. More on the microphone later.

As it comes with the Bluetooth 4.0, the range is pretty impressive. Even at 20 feet away from the device, we got the sound in an uninterruptedly.  The battery on this thing doesn’t stand out. With a battery life of 10 hours, you need constant charging and this is a big let down. After an overnight charge, the battery didn’t even last all day, this can be a big factor for people who need 15-16 hours of battery.

Turtle Beach Elite 800 Review Based On Features

Bluetooth, Long Battery Life, Surround Sound technology etc.

The Bluetooth, despite having all that range can be a bit inconsistent. Occasional audio drops, randomly switching between sources, and faulty control for different platforms can be a jarring issue.


The microphone has an overall decent quality. For chats and calls, the microphone is exceptional. The recording quality, however, is below average due to the limited wireless bandwidth that it has. Still, it performs a great job at isolating the outside noise and picking up only your voice. The recording is bad because it doesn’t have any bass or treble, which makes the voice sound thin.

Box Contents

The headset ships with the following peripherals with it:

  • Turtle Beach Elite 800 Headset itself.
  • Transmitter and charging dock.
  • An Audio cable (3.5 mm jack).
  • Two micro-USB cables.
  • An Optical cable for AV/TV output.
  • A quick start guide and a manual.

Benefits and Letdowns


  • Impressive Sound Quality
  • Futuristic Next gen design
  • A whole lot of features
  • Customizable and Comfortable


  • Premium pricing
  • Battery life isn’t meant for Hardcore Gamers
  • Needs a Separate adapter for Xbox Compatibility
  • Charging issues with PS4
  • Questionable Control Placements


Herebelow are Turtle Beach Elite 800 specs:

Turtle Beach Elite 800 Review Based On Specifications


  • PS4 Pro: Optical & USB
  • PS4 (without Optical): Optical from TV & USB
  • PS4 (with Optical): Optical & USB
  • PS3: Optical & USB
  • Mobile Devices: 3.5mm
  • Headset Power: Rechargeable Battery
  • Transmitter Power: USB

Product Specifications:

  • Speakers: 50mm with Neodymium Magnets
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz – 20kHz
  • Ear-cup Design: Around-Ear (Closed)
  • Ear Cushion Material: Synthetic Leather (Black) with Memory Foam Cushion
  • Microphone Design: Dual Hidden Noise-Cancelling Microphones
  • Bluetooth: Bluetooth Radio with Dual-Pairing Mode and A2DP Compatibility
  • Battery: Rechargeable Lithium Polymer
  • Weight: 13oz(370g)
  • Product Dimensions: 9.9 x 5.2 x 10.5 inches

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does the headset allow you to control game audio and chat audio volume separately? Can chat only be heard in the left ear cup? Or through both cups?
    Yes. It allows . each of them has separate volume control and heard in both cups. But you can change the level sound for them as you like.
  2. Can this be used on Xbox One?
    It is compatible out-of-the-box for surround-sound game audio, but a Headset Audio Controller is required for chat compatibility on Xbox One.
  3. Are this model working on pc?
     The Elite 800 was designed to work on the PlayStation 4, compatibility is not guaranteed for PC.

Shall I buy Turtle Beach Elite 800?
If you have money you should surely buy it as shown by Turtle Beach Elite 800 Review it is a fantastic product for gamers.

Buy or Pass?

The Turtle Beach Elite 800 gets most of the things right. It is a very well made headset with good quality sound and a very wide selection of features. The noise cancellation and noise isolation work very well, specific game profiles is a boon for the gamers out there and the surround sound technology is top notch.

The design format is also very nice. A lot of nice small touches have made a huge impact like the charging dock, which is an ingenious power solution. The audio passthrough is a great way of passing audio through speakers and the design of the headset is futuristic which is always welcomed. The ear cups can be customized and the headset is better looking than most of the available headset on the market.

A few issues include the lack of Xbox One support, a very short battery life and the bulky weight of the headset. Yet, these are actually small problems, some of which can be ignored. They don’t majorly get off the track as the good work in other department is done with perfection. If you’re in the market for a wireless gaming headset that’s also good for indoor as well as outdoor use, the Turtle Beach Elite 800 is the one the best, if not, arguably the best headset that you can get for around 353$.


In conclusion, the Turtle Beach Elite 800 is one of the best headset solutions available for PlayStation 4 and even Xbox if you get the adapter. The build quality is impressive, the design is futuristic, the audio quality is fantastic,  the added features like Bluetooth 4.0 is welcomed, the charging dock is very well thought, inclusion of a 3.55 mm jack, the optical cables and a micro USB on the package is very good,  and finally the membership to Turtle Beach’s Elite program for the two-year warranty and additional bonuses results in a value for money package. Yes, it might have its shortcomings but the headset market is a very inconsistent market in itself and in such market, for the next-gen consoles, the Elite 800 is a great option for its price.

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