Tom and Jerry Chase Guide – Best Trick to Win Every PVP Match

Just wandering for the latest game to play. Well, Tom and Jerry Chase is 1v4 casual mobile game. This game needs a serious practice and a guide to establish a perfect base on the game. Tom and Jerry Chase Guide will certainly helpful in all the mode that you want to Win.

Tom and Jerry Chase Guide is an Online PVP game where you have to play against 4 enemies targets. The game is based on the Tom and Jerry cartoon series. It reminds us the childhood and the NetEase games took it seriously and developed the game in a fantastic franchise.

Tom and Jerry Chase Guide

Tome and Jerry Chase guide

In this guide, there are many things which the players ignore. The things are listed from the minor to the Significant. There is the thing that you will need to change that slightly changes your game style. Be sure to apply all the guide in your game setting and your gameplay too. Here are the Tom and Jerry Chase Best Guides:

Change your Joystick and Sensitivity setting

It doesn’t matter whether you play with analogue or Left-Right Button. It depends on which sensitivity you are playing. There are many factors that you need to change the sensitivity. While chasing the mouse, you need to stick with the mouse direction. Same as playing mouse, it becomes easy to control your character.

Regarding choosing the sensitivity depends upon your device display size and your hand gesture. Many players prefer high sensitivity due to the easy access to the joystick handle. However, Analogue joystick is easier than Left-Right button. You can change side just by sliding your hands. The left-Right button gives stress on the finger. We recommend you to choose Analogue as the other side has a jump, slide, and crouch button.

Set your sensitivity between middle to High. Try changing unless you find your sensitivity. Make your own sensitivity at the beginning it will be difficult but once you master you can perfectly control.

Choosing Between Cat or Mouse

There is no specific role to choose in Tom and Jerry Chase guide. Many people think being a mouse is good, Once you hide under the hole cat can’t enter inside the hole. There are some other Gacha in the to make PVP fare. The main purpose of the mice is to steal cheese and run away.

Playing as a cat is so simple. You just need to hide and camp near the cheese. The cheese is itself a bait to catch the mice. It up to you which one to choose. Both have an advantage on their own.

Go to Rocket, While Catching Mouse

Finally, after all the struggle you manage to catch the mice. There is one thing to do that is putting mouse in a rocket. Keep the track of rocket and put mouse before the time count down stops.

Just focus on going into the rocket once you catch the mouse. Cat becomes secure and mouse ally can’t attack you there. The most important part once you head to the rocket. Don’t let your guard down. Even there is a change of getting attacked by mouse ally inside and outside of the rocket area.

Test All Skills and Moves of Both Cat and Mice

There are a total of 8 characters in the Tom and Jerry Chase and each of them has unique skills with different attacking technique. Once you unlock a new character, try to demonstrate their skills and practice some tactics.

You can compare each character just note their skills and damage deal and resist. You can see the statistic of any individual character by tapping on them in the loppy. It is not that difficult to track the information of characters.

Conclusion: Here is the guidelines that we followed and won several games. We made Tom and Jerry by considering the Newbie players game style. Never miss any detail. One single detail is important for professional gameplay.

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