Shining Beyond Reroll Guide for Beginners

Finally, Shining Beyond has been globally released. The game is ”idle action hybrid” which means game accept any play style. Shining Beyond pillar is the SSR Gacha in the game. Here are all tips on How to fast re-roll in Shining Beyond game.

Shining Beyond is the online RPG game. The game has been released in the beta version on both android and iOS store. So, the re-rolling gets easier but to get SSR each character it becomes more complex. In that case, here are so-called instructions that will help in Shining Beyond Reroll guide. Follow the given instructions to successfully reroll the Shining Beyond.

Shining Beyond Reroll Guide for Beginners

The things you might need to note before starting re-rolling in the Shining Beyond. In the beginning, the game will ask you to login with any social profile. You can use either Facebook or Google play games to get access in the game.

We recommend you to sign up using email as it helps to reroll really simply in Shining Beyond game. Follow the guide for rerolling in Shining Beyond.

Shining Beyond Step by Step reroll guide

Let’s start with the basic of reroll guide from the beginning of getting SSR gacha. The game is in early stage, so don’t fear of loosing something that you have got while rerolling in Shining Beyond game.

  • Install the game from the respective store.
  • Log in with the Guest user.
  • Don’t skip tutorial at the first attempt.
  • As the tutorial ends, Collect the summons from the summons.
  • Enter your Nickname on the game.
  • Go to treasure menu and claim all 10x summon tickets.
  • Also, go to inbox and collect all the rewards.
  • Go to Summon menu and spend 10X summon tickets.
  • Hope you got something valuable by this guide.
  • Unfortunately, if you get any satisfied hero. Go to app info > storage and clear the app data.
  • Repeat the process again.

However, the Shining Beyond is still on the development progress. You may have got 3 methods to log in the game in this beta version. The game has Facebook, Google play and email login. We recommend you to choose the email because it makes it easy when you reroll SSR in the guest user. Don’t use your Facebook or Google play to login. use guest user and link your email after you reroll SSR heroes.

In the first attempt when we started rerolling in Shining Beyond. We learnt from the tutorial and finished the early battle.We named our name in the game After that claimed all the tickets and rewards from the inbox and the event menu. As we get the 10X summons tickets, we stared spending it on eventuly we were lucky we got Jake.

We recommend you to try again if you don’t get SSR or SR heroes. Clear cache of the app and continue spending. Clear the app data, at the last when you haven’t found any gacha hero and try again from the 3 steps.

Best Gacha Unit in Shining Beyond

Who is the best gacha unit in Shining Beyond? The answer of this question is simple. The game is still in beta version. So the tier list has been made on the beta references. There is a tier list officially made by Shining Beyond on their Fandom page. We will soon update after confirming the provided tier list by Shining Beyond will not be alter in the stable version.

Make a target of getting more than 4 stars gacha unit while rerolling in Shining Beyond. Don’t give up until you get some star-worthy gacha.

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