Rumble hockey Guide: Best Tips & Tricks to Win Every Battle

Rumble hockey Guide: Best Tips & Tricks to Win Every Battle

Rumble Hockey is a strategy based game that is available for Android devices. It is a PVP mode game that is (Player versus player). You will get All the Rumble Hockey Best Tips and Tricks to win every battle in this guide.

In this game there are various characters, you need to choose your favourite rumble among the many rumbles and fight with the enemies. This game is a real-time PVP game which means all the battles you play will be live and online. So check out this Rumble hockey Guide: Best Tips & Tricks to Win Every Battle.

Rumble Hockey Guide and Tips Overview

rumble hockey guide

Rumble Hockey is an android game that is based on strategy. It was developed by Frogmind studios. It is an online game with numerous real-time PVP battles.

This game is available in the play store for free. Its size is 105MB which every low-end device can handle it smoothly. It uses Android v5 or later. So these days android smartphones come with v9 or later you can easily install and play this game for free but there you will need to purchase in order to grow fast. If you are looking for saving some bucks then this Rumble hockey guide will help you a lot to master all the skills and strategy to win every real-time PVP battles.

Rumble Hockey Guide and Tips

When you start the game for the first time you have seen there are many rumbles, so the guide’s first priority is to help you to choose the best rumble for you. Following are the Rumble Hockey Guides and tips:

Choose Your Rumble for Your Team

There are many rumbles are available. Before choosing rumbles by their appearance, you have to choose rumbles according to their roles. At first, read the role by taping on any rumble, you will get rumble details with their powers stats.

As there are various rumbles you will get the best option to recruit your team with full powerful rumbles. We recommend you to choose the rumbles according to their role. Try battle with your created team and check for the result, try until you get the best result.

Test Pvp Battle With Different Team

You can try real-time PVP battles with the different teams which should include different rumbles.

rumble hockey guide and tips
rumble hockey guide

Practice more because you will get noticed and experienced to create strong team formation. Test all the possible rumbles by making different teams in real-time PVP battle. If you easily defeat the enemy then select those rumbles from each team and create a new team. Sure the new team will show the hidden powers by dramatically defeating the enemy in real-time battle.

Unlock Instant Chest by Watching Ads

There are rewards hidden in ads when you click to watch ads you will surely get some rewards which are valuable somehow. There are three types of chest available in rumbles hockey, they are; Silver, Golden, Colossal chest. When you watch ads in this game the chest you have the store to open, they will unlock within a time. You can get new rumbles and rumbles upgrade cards from the chest. So play more battle and let the chest open instantly by watching ads.

The chest takes time according to their types Silver chest opens in 3 hours, Golden chest takes 8 hours to open and the Colossal chest opens in 12 hours. But you can minimize the time period by watching ads.

Focus on Earning More Trophies

Trophies determine your league, when you win the battle some trophies are added in your account. The more trophies you earn the more you will uplift your league. When you lose it will decrease some trophies from your account and adds in enemy trophies.

Adding and decreasing trophies depends on the league of you and your opponents. Your matchmaking starts with the same enemies of your league. So be confident and hope to win the battle.

Never Waste Your Gold

Golds are the most essential things which help you to upgrade all the rumbles in the game. We recommend to now waste the golds in useless things and increase gold by winning battles.

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