So you have rerolled the Ragnarok Tactics successfully and want to know about the tier list of Ragnarok Tactics. There is two kinds of player who wants a tier list, one looking to recruit the Ragnarok monsters and last want to get higher rank instantly.

We have been played the Ragnarok tactics teaming up with different experienced players who are in high rank. Some did research and experiments in guest user mode to master the conquest.

Before getting started in evaluating their tier list. Let’s check what is Ragnarok tactics game about.

Ragnarok Tactics Tier List Overview

Ragnarok Tactics is the tactics role play game which was developed for the PlayStation portable. Later it was also released for both iOS and Android. The game is tactical role playing based on single player mode.

Ragnarok Tactics is based on the Ragnarok series. The game has over more than 60 monsters with epic battle and possible strategic move. However game is online and you need to login to save your progress in the game. But fortunately, you can play without signing any account and even access the farm and collect epic items.

Ragnarok tactic TIER LIST
Ragnarok tactic TIER LIST

The game has looting concept, where you can attack the enemies field and collect the loot as the winner reward. The game has MVP bosses who as rich of loots, So make sure to hit the MVP bosses. The looted item can be used to upgrade the potential of the Monsters with a quirky system. Ragnarok tactics have good essence system.

Ragnarok Tactics duel system helps to attack and conqueror the battlefield in the real-time system which make the game even more interesting. The game has a clan war system for the clan rank and superiority. The game more than 100,000+ downloads and reviews in Google Playstore.

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Ragnarok Tactics Tier List

Basically, there are 5 types of monsters with their elements. They are; Rock, Paper, Scissors, White, and Black, etc. whereas their elements are; Fire and water, etc of every individual monster. The tier list has been assessing on the bases of the types of the monster. We know you are eager to blast the Ragnarok Tactics battlefield, So consider yourself to read Ragnarok Tactics Tier List carefully. The tier list has been well and in an organised manner so that it will help you to form the best and inevitable team to vanquish the battlefield.

In Ragnarok Tactics every individual monster has its own special abilities and skills depending on their types and elements the tier list rank is based. The monster without any curb (lacks weakness and get heavy on most enemies) looking at these ability, monster are ranked in the top of the tier list.

Here are Ragnarok Tactics Tier List, which is classified in to SS, S, A, B, and tier. Remember each tier monster has its own skill and ability where SS tier rank are the most superior in both skill and abilities.

Scissors Tier List

SS Tier

  • Knight of Windstorm (Best Tank)
  • Phreeoni (Perfectly Balance of Healing/Damage)
  • Baphomet (Impressive damage dealers)
  • Dark Lord (Extremely essential to use with Paper teams)

S Tier

  • Eddga
  • Osiris
  • Nightmare Terror
  • Gryphon

A Tier

  • Deviruchi
  • Minorous
  • Leib Olmai
  • Atroce
  • Dark Illusion

B Tier

  • Kobold Leader
  • Vagabond Wolf
  • Petit
  • Nightmare
  • Hammer Kobold
  • Mummy

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Rock Tier List

SS Tier

  • Moonlight (Impressive Healer)
  • Orc Hero (Conqueror in PvP)

S Tier

  • Turtle General
  • Doppelganger
  • Drake

A Tier 

  • Owl Baron
  • Loli Ruri
  • Alice
  • Orc Lord

B Tier

  • Wander Man
  • Sohee
  • Bon Gun
  • Raydric
  • Hammer Goblin
  • Antonio
  • Jakk
  • Goblin Leader

Paper Tier List

SS Tier

  • Dark Snake Lord (Best debuffs Ragnarok tactics)
  • G Randgris (A stealth and powerful monster)
  • Garm (Perfectionist MATK monster)

S Tier

  • Mistress
  • Golden Bug
  • Maya
  • Tao Gunka
  • Angeling

A Tier

  • Deleter
  • Mini Demon
  • Deviling

B Tier

  • Whisper Boss
  • Obeaune
  • Kobold Archer
  • Bayonet Goblin
  • Ghostring
  • Marc
  • Mastering
  • Cat O Nine Tail

White Tier List

White type of monster is very strong and durable. The SS and S tier is very overpowered.

SS Tier

  • Megaleta (Best healer and buffer)
  • Randel (Heavypowerful tank)

S Tier

  • Helena
  • Tyrrhenia
  • Katrinn
  • Giorgili
  • Daleme

Black Tier List

SS Tier

  • Sheci (Best-ranged monster in the game)
  • Seyren (Deal heavy damage)
  • Eremes (Perform Powerful attack but can ignore DEF)

S Tier

  • Harold
  • Issus
  • Vanessa
  • Bartley

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These are the tier list of Ragnarok Tactic, hope you can build a Hyperion team and conquer the battlefield. You can request the Reroll Guide and Tier list of any game in the comment box.

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