PUBG Mobile MOD APK v2.0.0 (Aim Assist, Trigger Mod)

Download PUBG Mobile MOD APK Latest Version free for Android. After many years launch, PUBG Mobile still attracts millions of gamers to join the fight every day. First, the game is still fierce competition between other players on a shrinkable map. The balanced gameplay mechanism at the beginning of the game makes all players have the same starting point. Winning depends on skill and a bit of luck. Test your luck and skills with PUBG Mobile right now. Download the game now!

Information of PUBG Mobile Mod APK 2.0.0

Publisher Level Infinite
Google Play com.tencent.ig
File Size 1 GB
Version 2.0.0
MOD Features Aim Assist, Trigger Mod
Requires Android 4.3 and up
Category Action

Introduce about PUBG Mobile


Participating in a battle for survival in PUBG Mobile, 100 players will travel on a plane and fly across different maps of your choice. Here, you have the right to choose the place and time to land and start the battle for survival. Instead of playing at random maps, players are allowed to choose the Map they want before starting the battle. It will make the game experience easier because players can focus on practicing skills on familiar maps. After landing, the most important task is to find and collect items on the map. You should find and collect the right weapons and be ready to attack your opponents. The winner is the last survivor on the map.

Regarding the main game mode, PUBG Mobile offers two modes that are Solo and Squad. In Solo mode, you will play alone and join the match with up to 99 other players. The battle still takes place with normal rules, in which the winner is the only survivor. Squad is a squad mode, which means you can invite your friends to form a team or randomly join other players in the server and join the battle. This is a game mode that is loved by many people because it brings tactical elements from the combination of team members. Besides, playing and communicating with other players always brings a more enjoyable experience.

Loot items, equipment

The loot mechanism in PUBG Mobile MOD is quite complicated, in which weapons and items are often found in buildings. They are often obscured by various details and constructions. So finding a good weapon in battle is not easy. In addition, good weapons often appear in hot spots on the map where many players aim, if you are a new player, you will easily be killed there.


Gamers can still use typical weapons such as AWM, M4A1, Shotgun, Scar… in PUBG Mobile similar to the PUBG version on PC. The weapon collection is also very diverse including rifles, grenades, smoke bombs, flash or pans. Each type has the ability to deal different damage, giving the player the option to shoot, hit, or burn enemies.

Extremely realistic 3D graphics

PUBG Mobile builds its gameplay as authentically as it does in real life. You can see from the map of the game, everything is designed in detail such as buildings, hills, deserts, bushes, grass… Giving players the feeling of being involved in a battle real war. The combat mechanics are also based on reality. You can feel it through the recoil of the gun, the speed of the bullet…

MOD APK version of PUBG Mobile

MOD Feature

  1. Aim Assist
  2. Trigger Mod
  3. Easy Win

Download PUBG Mobile MOD APK for Android

As can be seen, PUBG Mobile always pleases gamers by regularly updating with new features and new modes. That is also to ensure the freshness of the gameplay, enough to maintain the current success. Download now this PUBG Mobile Mod APK game.

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