PAW Review and Best Patterns

What is AWP | PAW?

The AWP is a specific weapon used on Counter-Strike, and PAW is a skin — currently one of the top-selling and trading skins. This weapon and skin is a favorite amongst some top players. PAW is made up of a bunch of cartoonish-looking dog and cat combinations. Some animals displayed wear a hoodie, sunglasses or face masks. Rarity comes into play when a certain design appears on well-visible areas on the weapon. There might be a number displayed in line with the buttstock, and they match up, giving it one of a thousand distinct patterns. This could raise the value of such weapons and skin combinations.

Here we will discuss:

  • how to understand the patterns;
  • where to find some of the best patterns;
  • a general overview of the AWP | PAW skins.

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How to Understand the Patterns

The pattern is made up of a square design created by the designer. It is assigned a location number from 1 to 999. For easy understanding, the number 1 might mean the bottom left part of a designer’s picture/skin and 999 might mean the top right. There can be a wide variety of patterns for weapons. Some patterns are considered high value as certain aspects of the design might be more visible in certain areas of a weapon.

Where to Find Some of the Best Patterns

There are many online platforms where you can trade weapons and skins. On such platforms, you will be able to find a wide variety of skins available for the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive online game. You can easily buy, sell and trade these weapons and skins. Some people buy and collect rarities. Most of the sites are very user-friendly and have many options available.

Overview of the AWP | PAW Skins

This skin has so much going on and presumably this is the reason so many people enjoy the skin. Some favorable characters can be seen through some patterns. Many people believe the Golden Cat on the Forestock or below the receiver is a good luck charm and then collect them. Dogs and cats are smiling and some have red eyes, some have sunglasses on and others just stare at you with their big eyes. Some dogs and cats have hoodies on, some show their paws. Some pictures show a cat holding a knife or a can of some kind. There are even grenades and gas masks. When these pictures are placed in the right area for display in the game, it is considered a rare or valued weapon pattern.

In conclusion, many gamers agree that the PAW skin on this AWP rifle is one of the top skins available on the market. You can also find rare items as you buy, and later you can trade with them to gain an advantage.

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