N.O.V.A. Legacy MOD APK v5.8.4a (Unlimited Money)

Download N.O.V.A. Legacy Mod APK Latest Version free for Android. Still the same space context as previous NOVA games, but N.O.V.A. Legacy will bring a completely new story to gamers. It is a distant future, when mankind has achieved incredible achievements and has acquired colonies in space. You will play as Kal Wardin – a powerful warrior of NOVA, with the help of AI assistant Yelena, you need to fight against the invasion of aliens. Download the game now!

Information of N.O.V.A. Legacy Mod APK 5.8.4a

Introduce about N.O.V.A. Legacy


The gameplay of N.O.V.A Legacy is not new to the FPS shooting genre, but thanks to the light-filled space context, your feeling will also become more interesting. In the first-person perspective, you must and your teammates destroy those who are known as the strongest warriors outside of Earth. Skillfully move through enemy areas and use advanced guns to finish them off.

Remember, the enemies are from different planets, so you have to deal with each type of enemy in different ways. Many types of enemies will surprise you with their weird or cool looks, like zombies, robots, cybogs and many more.

As a gamer who loves the FPS genre, you will certainly not be disappointed in N.O.V.A Legacy. The game fully provides you with many unique weapons with the power to destroy even the strongest.

In general, the game has a variety of pistols, rifles, sniper rifles, plasmas. Each weapon has its own pros and cons. Moreover, weapons are divided into categories from normal to extremely rare types, which you can collect by buying from the shop if you accumulate enough money after each battle.


The image quality and graphics of N.O.V.A Legacy have been made very well and are self-adjusting for each model, helping the game operate smoothly. The sound effects are also very well done, especially when you wear the headset, you will feel like you are actually fighting in space.

Featured of the game

  • Experience 19 large missions, in which you will visit many strong points and perform tasks from defending to attacking.
  • Easily play anytime, anywhere with Offline mode, or play Online with many other players.
  • Many modes for gamers to choose from.
  • Form a 4vs4 or 9v9 team or play by yourself in the story.
  • Gameloft’s top-notch graphics never let you down.
  • Weapons, skins are diverse and can be easily upgraded.

MOD APK version of N.O.V.A. Legacy

MOD Feature

  1. Unlimited Money
  2. Unlimited Gold
  3. Unlimited Trilithium

Download N.O.V.A. Legacy MOD APK for Android

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