Mobile Legends Reroll Guide: Bang Bang Best Guide

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is one of the most popular game nowadays. There are a lot’s of heroes and their abilities but that you have to learn first. But don`t worry here we will guide you on the path to the top. In this game, there are lots of heroes like Epic heroes, Elite heroes, and common heroes. All of the heroes have their own skills and strength in a special attribute and some example like a tank, healing, damage, AoE, crowd control etc. And if you are playing this game for a long time then you should focus on the Mobile legends best heroes. Now, here we have some best tips about heroes tire and how to reroll:

mobile legends

Rerolling Guide: here we will learn how to reroll, when to reroll, and what to reroll.

How to reroll in Mobile Legends : Adventure

Go to the home page and open the player info page by pressing your profile icon.

mobile legends profile

Now the player page info will appear where you can see a lots of options like you can change your name you can see your experience level but click on the server button in the bottom right corner of the page.

mobile legends server

Now it will take you to the list of recommended servers.

Now press on any server that you don’t have progress on already .You can also tab on all to see all the servers in the game.

When you have selected the server start over on then you will be promoted with two pop-ups.

Then just press ok button on both of them .

Don’t worry about you current progress while changing the serve it will be saved on that server, So that you can easily switch on the old server.

mobile legends

After this you will get a message, Congratulations, You have now successfully rerolled in mobile legends: adventure and you are now ready to pull some new heroes to start with after a bit of camping.

Switch Back To Old Progress:

This will guide to the easiest way of switching your old progress.

First simply open the player info page backup it by pressing on your profile icon in the top left corner.

Then just go to the server tab, and just select your own server where your old progress is saved.

This is the best way to reroll in Mobile Legends: Adventure!
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