Hide Online Mod APK v4.9.1 (Unlimited Ammo, God Mode & Rapid Fire)

Download Hide Online Mod APK Latest Version free for Android. Hide Online is a unique hide-and-seek game for those who love excitement, suspense and horror from creative and fun elements. In this game, the player will have to become a Hunter or a Props with the designated role of kill or survive to get multiple rewards. The funny thing is its hide-and-seek mechanics, and it’s also suitable for a group of friends to entertain each other through each course full of chaos and laughter. Download the game now!

Information of Hide Online Mod APK 4.9.1

App Name Hide Online – Hunters vs Props
Publisher HitRock Games
Google Play com.hitrock.hideonline
File Size 55 MB
Version 4.9.1 (Latest)
MOD Features MOD Menu [Detail]
Requires Root device – Android 4.4 and up
Category Action

Introduce about Hide Online

Various game modes for entertainment

Diverse game modes are the first feature that Hide Online wants everyone to enjoy when joining any team in the gameplay. Their rules are different and varied but contribute to creating a friendly and entertaining atmosphere for all through simple concepts. For a week, the game will introduce a new game mode for a limited time and come with exclusive rewards for those who actively respond to the extra modes.

Become the best hunter

In all game modes, the game will have two separate teams, and the first team is the Hunter, whose task is to find all the Props that are disguised and hidden in the environment. They are equipped with automatic guns and grenades to easily track or destroy no matter what shape or position the Props are in. However, Hunters will have their health drained until they die if the wrong target is checked; even if they run out of ammo, they have to watch Props tease them.

Become the hide professional

In contrast to Hunters, Props can randomly become an object and use camouflage to hide from Hunters. Hide Online will make Props automatically play a whistle or short music every 15 seconds to aid Hunters in Search and make the gameplay more balanced. Therefore, players in the form of Props must constantly run away, hide and use a few skills to increase the survival rate in each match.

Other factors

In addition to the complexity of the rules or the goals of each team, players also have to take advantage of the environment to hide. Depending on the game mode, environmental factors will play a significant role for players to have different outcomes in gameplay. Those factors are completely random and always give players a variety of outcomes to score points, whether in Hunters or Props, even avoiding health loss or being detected with complete evasion. perfect.

Marvelous costumes and weapons

Hunters will have more skin or weapon benefits to make Props at close range pressure or envy. Hide Online will introduce an extensive skin system with many attractive themes and a large selection of guns for better results when searching for Props in many environments. Furthermore, some content has a highlight effect to make the player stand out more when teased by the Props.

Play with friends in custom mode

Players can invite friends into custom game modes to create a fun and accessible playground for all. Thanks to the rule system, basic factors such as the sound the Props make or environmental factors can change dramatically. However, all the options make the two teams more balanced when mainly focusing on the fun and atmosphere of each team.

MOD APK version of Hide Online

MOD Features

  1. God Mode
  2. Rapid Fire
  3. Anti-Grenade Exploding
  4. Anti-PolyMorph [ Disable When Prop ]
  5. No Emoji – Enable Before Match
  6. Speed
  7. Gravity
  8. Unlimited Ammo
  9. Unlimited Re-spawns
  10. Unlimited Ability
  11. Battle Pass
  12. Unlock All
  13. End Round
  14. Attach To Player
  15. Attach To Me
  16. Height
  17. Player Size
  18. Prop Esp Lines
  19. Prop Esp Boxes
  20. Prop Esp Health
  21. Prop Esp Name
  22. Prop Esp Distance
  23. Hunter Esp Lines
  24. Hunter Esp Boxes
  25. Hunter Esp Health
  26. Hunter Esp Name
  27. Hunter Esp Distance
  28. MOD Menu

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