Hero Cantare Reroll Guide with Reroll Tier List

Hero Cantare Reroll Guide with Reroll Tier List

Hero Cantare is the brand new MMORPG game which is published NGEL games cooperation, in this game you can play as Tower of God, Hardcore Leveling Warrior, God of High School. It is totally based in its Webtoon, you can play the characters which you admire in the webtoon. You can check out How to best Reroll in Hero Cantare in this guide.

Hero Cantare Features:

Before, starting with guides have a look at the features of Hero Cantare with WEBTOON. Hero Cantare Features many compulsory modes including storytelling, Main boss, so on which make MMORPG game more attractive and fun while playing. Here are some highlighted features of Hero Cantare:

hero cantare guide
hero centre guide
  1. Story Battle: You can explore tetra and level up your favourite character.
  2. Hero Dungeon: This game features all standalone stories of every superhero of this game. You can enjoy the story with present together webtoon.
  3. Trial Tower: In this game, there is the trial tower, which will give you legendary loot when you defeat them in the challenge by recruiting team.
  4. Advent Boss: You can win the game by defeating Advent Boss, who is the leader and most strong enemy.
  5. Arena Mode: You can also play real-time battles in this game such as 1v1 and 3v3 PVP modes are available. Just Recruit your team to show your worthy of being champion.
  6. Game Soundtrack: The soundtrack of Hero Cantare is super amazing, it will provide you Full-fledged soundtrack that enhances the overall experience of the gameplay.
hero cantare guide
hero centre guide

Hero Cantare Reroll Guide (Step by Step):

You can master the faster reroll skill from this guide. Here is the best guide which will make your reroll skill more efficient and you can easily and fastly make reroll in Hero Cantare. Follow all the steps which are mentioned here without skipping anything.

  1. First, Install game APK and download additional 512.6 MB Data.
  2. Tap on Start to play as a guest account
  3. Skipp begging cutscene and start to playing tutorial until 1-3
  4. Collect all gems that you earned.
  5. After going to the portal and select banner to start to reroll
  6. Once you get SSR, Connect your account with Google play store.

Reroll Tier List

  • Black march bam – SSR Tier
  • Witch Mira Yoo – SSR Tier
  • Maschenny – SSR Tier
  • Hilda – SSR Tier
  • No Name – SSR Tier
  • Chloris – SSR Tier
  • Cassey- SS Tier
  • Yuri Ha – SS Tier
  • Flora – SS Tier
  • Arin – SS Tier
  • Ilpyo Park- SS Tier
  • Armes -SS Tier
  • Zero -SS Tier

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