Guardian Tales Tier List and Reroll Guide

Guardian Tales Tier List and Reroll Guide make it easier to find out the best weapons, gears and upgrade of heroes in the game. In other words, the tier list makes it easier with the statics of the heroes in the and reroll guide helps to find out the perfect stater package in the early stage of the game.

Guardian Tales Reroll Guide

Guardian Tales is the RPG game for mobile devices based on the retro action-adventure game. The main goal of the game is to revive the newly made friends during the story. At the beginning of the game, it is best to complete the story adventure between 1-4 stages. As you finish, perform a little bit rift dungeons and aim to collect the rewards from the achievement section. Make a target to collect about 2500-2700 Gems by following guide provided by Gamelikepro team. It becomes necessary to perform more than 10X heroes or attaching summons in Guardian Tales.

Guardian Tales Tier list and Reroll Guide
Guardian Tales village

Rerolling in Guardian Tales becomes hard. As the summon unlocks after conquering the world 1-4 Frost Border that might take 20-30 minutes. In Guardian Tales Rerolling, there are two things to choose i.e 10X heroes or Equip Summons. According to Reroll Guide of Guardian Tales, Choose Equip Summons because the weapon is necessary for every battle. However, you can obtain many heroes by completing the Story mode in Guardian Tales.

Quick Tip: You can acquire more heroes by playing through the Story mode in Guardian Tales.

The game’s banner is important as it reflects the choice between best and worst. For example, The rerolling best choice exists when there is Bari banner. Bari banner itself becomes the best choice.

Guardian Tales Reroll guide
Guardian Tales PVP mode

Besides, choosing best for reroll Guardian Tales. You don’t have to spend more gems in summon. However, heroes come with at least a few summonses for free. Guardian Tier list will explain which heroes come with a free summons and which not comes. None free summons heroes kinda sound unexciting. The most import part is a Weapon. There are exclusive weapons that come with heroes in Guardian Tales. Obviously, they will help to build the inevitable team.

Recommended: Select heroes above 3 stars as they are strong for team-up during reroll.

Guardian Tales Tier List

The potential of the heroes is based on how many stars they have obtained. Hence, that character who has five stars they are godlike beings in Guardian Tales. They are strong and outperform any other random heroes. Five-star heroes have gone too far, even 3-star heroes are rare to find without Tier list.

However, stars matters when it comes to the best hero teaming up but the weapon of the heroes is as important as the star is. A weapon can decide the power and tier rank of any individual character in Guardian Tales. Some heroes are overpowered with their weapons and some are lacklustre with weapons.

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As we are evaluating the heroes by playing all modes in the games, especially in PVP mode. You can play PVE mode (story mode) with any random star heroes but PVP need a stronger one. Guardian Tales tier list not only saves your time on researching each hero on the battlefield. While we try every upgrade in each update of the game. So the tier list of Guardian Tales is reliable with the resources.

Guardian Tales Tier list
Guardian Tales Star Rank

Finally, Guardian Tales Tier list has been made. There are 5 rank based on their power and performance. They are SS, S, A, and B.

SS Tier List

You can guess how OP this rank heroes are by looking the 5 stars in their stats. They are capable of doing everything. You can easily win PVP battle with SS rank heroes. Their weapons last for long enough and enemies are outperformed in front of them. Always aim for SS rank heroes as they are superior in Guardian Tales.

  • Bari with Mayreel
  • Arabelle with Genocide
  • Marina with Armada

S Tier

The heroes who are capable of everything but in some moves they are outperformed by SS rank heroes. They are indicated by 3 stars in Guardian Tales. Their unique weapons make the game easier and fun in gameplay.

A Tier

The 2-star heroes come under the A rank. They are easily defeated in the PVP mode but they are good in supporting role in the battle. If you experiment them with 3-star heroes, they will definitely lose the battle. Thus, they are incredible weapon but due to the unfair star rank, they are underrated.

B Tier

They are useless heroes with no unique weapons in the Guardian Tales. They can be identified by the 2 stars in their stats. We recommend not to seek for B rank heroes. They are not so important for the game. They are the exception for those unlucky peoples. In PVP mode they die within a second.


Rerolling in Guardian Tales took some days if you are not a heavy user. It might take 6-8 hours if you are continuously playing the game. Though, Choose summons and don’t forget to equip the weapon of heroes. We recommend you to choose the heroes above 3 stars and be patience in the Guardian Tales. However, SS rank heroes are born with powers. The Tier list for Guardian Tales will help to choose idle heroes for you.

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