Grim Soul Guide, Chest $ Best tips & Tricks, Strategy To Survive 2021

Grim Soul: Dark Fantasy Survival is one of the best zombies survival game for android.

I also used to play this game for a lot of hours and the graphics of this game is so amazing. In this game, you have to survive in a dangerous place which is full of zombies &monsters and this game challenge you to survive alone, helpless, thirsty, hungry and resourceless. Now here I am going to share with you the best tips&tricks about how to get a bunch of Grim Soul Chests:

1.) How To Build Your House (Base)

At first, you have to make a base as fast as you can because it will help you to build some chests for extra storages. For beginners, you can make a 4-square house easily until you get some spaces and a bunch of resources. After that, you can make a 3×3 house which will be very helpful for you in a long term. you can build more in future also. And one more important thing that you can upgrade your house and walls which is very important also it will protect you when enemies attack your base.

2.) Loot Fast And Loot Smart

Grim Soul

You should always be aware while looting enemy can also attack you anytime while you have the loot or inventory screen open. you have to safely clean up once inventory (and heal up) before heading back in. ANd it is very important to exit the area also.

3.)Collect Every Thing You Get

Grim Soul Loot

Always keep looting others players base or gathering the resources from the zones. While looting you will face a lot of troubles but don’t lose hope just keep looting. At first, you have to get the map and find the gatekeeper’s hut, when you get that get keeper just go ahead and kill the get keeper and get the key from there. And then you have to go to the dungeon, you will find the rare items there. Gathering loot is the most important part of this game that will help you to survive on this game. So don’t quite go for loot it will help you a lot to survive on the game.

4.)Hit & Run

Grims Soul Attacking

Hit and run machine is best to dealing with the strong enemies. The best way to use hit and run machine is that basecilly you can go close and hit the enemies retreat and consume some of the food iteams to replenish health, then heat again before retreating and doing the same.

This is one of the most important and only one way to deal with other powerful enemies over there, and it’s extremely eays when you know how to use it.

And if you want to deal with more damage you can use ranged weapons also. And by the help of mele weapons it will give you the opportunity to strike enemies of long-distance also. this way you can use the hit and run the machine properly.

5.)Use Mini-Map To Spot Enemies Before They Attack You

You should always use a mini-map it is also very important to get survive on this game. By the use of this mini-map, you can easily spot trees, rocks, shrubs, bushes and enemies. Don’t go close to those areas where it shows arrows (enemies). So while going around always keep in mind that you have to check the mini-map first it will help you a lot.

With the help of this mini-map, you can also locate the fallen enemies, loot and chests also. As you keep playing a lot then you will know everything about the map and you can easily spot (arrows, grass, tied bags, chests etc.)

So i Hope this Guide help you to survive the game.


1.) From here i can download Grim Soul ?

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