Garena Free Fire MOD APK v1.90.1 (Damage, No Recoil, Better Aim)

Download Garena Free Fire Mod APK Latest Version free for Android. Free Fire is the most popular youth survival shooter in the world. Along with Free Fire, PUBG and COD Mobile are considered the most popular survival games today. And this game supports both PC and mobile platforms for players to experience the game at any time. The mobile version was first released at the end of 2017 and has so far maintained a huge player base. Accordingly, Free Fire still has the style of a familiar survival game with realistic 3D graphics. Download the game now!

Information of Free Fire Mod APK 1.90.1

App Name Garena Free Fire
Publisher Garena International
Google Play com.dts.freefireth
File Size 429 MB
Version 1.90.1
MOD Features Increase Damage, No Recoil, Better Aim… [Detail]
Requires Android 4.1 and up
Category Action

Introduce about Free Fire

For gamers who love the feeling of a strong attack, a game that can be played on their mobile device, Free Fire MOD is the perfect choice not to be missed in this quarantine season. Super product Free Fire from the publisher named Garena will definitely bring players unexpected and interesting feelings and experiences.


In Free Fire MOD, you will be taken to a deserted island with other warriors. When you are on the island, it means the war will officially begin. To start the game, you need to quickly collect items, equip weapons, items, ammo and necessary items scattered around the island to use in your next survival.

Basically, the gameplay of this game is no different from survival games of the same genre as PUBG. You will participate in the battle for survival with 49 other players. Your mission is to find a way to use your tactics to fight the enemy with the sole goal of being the only person left alive after the war. Each match in the game will take place in about 10 minutes, the time to play survival games on mobile is quite reasonable, you can play the game at any time. You can open a room to recruit 4-person teammates, join the survival journey in Free Fire, and players in the same team can easily connect with each other through the voice chat system.

Survive to win TOP #1

When starting Free Fire, you need to choose an appropriate location to parachute, that is, land in places with many houses to be able to pick up items and weapons for yourself. To be able to land at the desired location, you must also check the position of your aircraft, do not parachute too long in the air. If you choose the desired location, you need to speed up to quickly get to the island and find your weapon, if you get off early you can quickly defeat the paratroopers. You need to pay attention to whether your parachute position has enemies appearing or not.

Collect weapons

After landing and collecting weapons for a while, a safe zone will appear and you need to quickly move to the safe zone that the system announces. If you’re in a safe circle, keep picking up items and take advantage of opponents moving into the safe zone. You can click the Map icon to check the location of this safe area. It is very important to observe the safety circle, you must observe it often.

Create Battle Tactics

One thing to note when playing Free Fire is not to go into the safe zone too soon, what you need to do now is to patiently move to the areas close to this safe zone. Find opportunities to destroy enemies in different directions. While you have to constantly look around to find enemies and don’t let them find you first, you will be defeated first. Especially when you see a support tank, you have to look around carefully to see if there is an opponent. With the above guide, you can easily reach the top 1, but it still depends a lot on your tactics.

Vivid Graphics

The graphics of Free Fire MOD are extremely realistic, vivid but very smooth and easy to control. In terms of visual design style, it can be seen that this game is designed quite similar to PUBG, will still be the image of parachuting and fighting on familiar islands. Every detail in the game is designed with realistic elements on top. From branches, grass,… everything is sharp and detailed. So you will have a real feeling of being directly involved in this battle for survival.

MOD APK version of Free Fire

MOD Feature

  1. Increase Damage
  2. Increase HeadShot Rate
  3. Armor increased 20%
  4. Better Aim
  5. Easy Win
  6. Auto Sight
  7. Auto Target
  8. No Recoil

Download Free Fire MOD APK for Android

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