Evil Lands Online Action RPG Walkthrough, Guide

Evil Lands Online Action RPG Walkthrough, Guide

Evil Lands Online Action RPG Walkthrough
Evil Lands Online Action RPG Walkthrough

There are various categories of games that are available on the internet. Among all the various categories of games RPG games is one of the section in the categories of Role-playing game. RPG games have been developed from decades to decades and Evil Lands Online Action RPG Walkthrough will be the best choice for if you want to play RPG games.

Evil Lands Online Action RPG Walkthrough is the best RPG game because it has Ultra High Graphics and its really outstanding realistic graphics. Not only that it provides a variety of maps captivating quests and Cooperative and PVP modes many more. It has also real-time RPG mode too.

You can play online with your friends and other peoples. It has a two-player mode which will help you to play games with other players too. Also, there are many maps, customizable characters in this game. If you are looking for playing an RPG game then Evil Lands Online Action RPG Walkthrough will be a smarter choice for you.

Here, we will be sharing all the tips and tricks, guide, and strategy from basic to the most advanced in Evil Lands Online Action RPG Walkthrough. Following this guide will make you and your gameplay even better than before. You can increase your gaming experience and performances to the next level in the game.

Evil Lands Guide and Tips

Follow these guides and tips of Evil Lands Online Action RPG Walkthrough. These tips were performed by our team and our team members shared with us. As we all know at the beginning of the game when you start the game for the first time there you have to choose three characters in the game each of the characters is different from each other. It will make you choose your character easier. You can choose your character by your gameplay style. What you are? A Warrior, Sorceress, or Assassin. Choose according to your gameplay style and you can play by any of them.

After selecting your game’s character you have to increase the level in the game to unlock all the amazing skills that your character has.

Evil Land Skills

There are a variety of skills in the game. There are limitless skills in the game which are powerful then you can think beyond. Each skill has its own killing moves. Before, you start imagination lets us tell you that at the beginning you have limited skill access but you can unlock then by playing the game simultaneously. To unblock skills you have to master this guide, i. e you have to increase your gaming experience the way more like the baby bird flying for the first time, you will face many miss fire, miss tactics but once you failed you will surely improve your skills. Keep reading this guide and practice every move thrice per day.

evil lands online action rpg
evil lands online action rpg

In this basic to most advanced skill, there are all total three skills and in that skill, there are more skills. Sounds kinda weird right? But you do not have to worry about this, we will cover each and every single skill in this article.

Basic Skill

Let’s look up at the Basic Skill at first because learning a basic skill will help you to perform complex skills. In Basic skills, there is a total of five stages of skills are available. They are; Smash Skill, Slide Skill, Charge Skill, Bleed Skill, Frenzy Skill.

Here are all the skills mentioned with their power and damage details. Check all the Skills detail carefully because it will help you to make the tactics in the game.

  • Smash Skill: This skill is responsible for Powerful are damage in close battle combat.
  • Slide Skill: It is very helpful while dashing to the target in a target with a single strong attack.
  • Charge Skill: It helps Jumps towards the target for an area smash. Unlock at Level 18.
  • Bleed Skill: It gives Powerful slash that leaves the target bleeding. Unlock Level at 11.
  • Frenzy skill: This skill Creates surrounding force that pushes you forward causing damage to the enemy nearby. Unlock at level 22.

Boost Skill

Boost skill is the second skill that will unlock the skill of the instant process in the game. There are a total of five skills available that may be unlocked at the beginning and some will take some level to Finish. The very first skill in Boost skill is Sprint Skill, the second skill is Shield Skill, the third skill is Elemental Shield Skill, second last skill is Damage Boost and the last skill is Arm Skill.

  • Sprint Skill: Deals increasing movement and attack speed.
  • Shield Skill: Reduces all types of damage taken for a certain period of time. Unlock at level 12.
  • Elemental Shield Skill: By increasing resistance to poison, fire, and cold. Unlock at level 35.
  • Damage Boost Skill: By increasing inflict damage for a certain period of time. Unlock at level 14.
  • Call to Arms Skill: This skill increases the maximum health of nearby teammates. Unlock at level 45.

How to Level Up in Evil Lands?

The increasing level is the key to unlock the skills in Evils land game. You can increase the levels of your game by following these steps in the game. Here are some best ways to increase the level of evil lands. Complete all the Quest Event in the game, you will get more gem, diamond and it will help to increase the EXP of the game. You have to daily login to collect the daily rewards.

 Pvp Game

PVP mode unlocks in level 8 in the Evil Lands game. To unlock PVP mode in evil land you have to reach up to 8 levels then you can play PVP mode. Just follow the above tips to increase levels simultaneously.

Unlock New Maps

You have to complete the Quest Event one by one to Unlock new maps in Evil Lands. There are a total of three maps available in this game, they are; Skylark field, shadow island, and coldwater peaks. You can get the Skylark field is unblocked by default. To unlock the other two maps you have to complete all the previously Quest event missions.

Tips for Evil Lands

How to Collect Gems?

Gems are the most expensive mineral in this game. These Gems are very useful because you need gems while upgrading any kind of skills, characters, weapons and you can unlock skins with gems. The easiest method of collecting gems is to complete the Quest mission.  Note: Do not waste Gems in other things.

Upgrade Skills and Gears

You can upgrade skills and gears to unlock its most advanced form which unleashes the full potential of skills and gears. You can upgrade everything in this game but focus upgrade in Health and Damage Deals which will increase your experience in-game.

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