Evil Hunter Tycoon: All About Hunter – Guide And TIPS

Evil Hunter Tycoon: All About Hunter – Guide and Tips

Evil Hunter Tycoon is an RPG game in which a user can play as a town chief and have to raise and upgrade the character of the games i.e Hunters. The chief of the town has to hire the hunters in order to defeat all the monsters to collect items that will support the town’s finance of the fiscal year. The games UI is perfect with fabulous pixel arts, and the hunter’s amazing action skills will never make your leisure time boring. You have been eager to play this game. It is available in both Google Playstore and Apple Appstore, install this game and check the Best Guide and Tips for Evil Hunter Tycoon.

evil hunter guide and tips
evils hunter

In the beginning, The Town had been ruined by the Dark Lord and you have to become the town chief in order to provide town free from Dark Lord’s invasion. You have to make a strong bond with the hunters in order to manage the economy and the monster’s prey. With the help of hunters, your town will level up fast and get more economic support by selling materials from the hunting.

Who is Hunter?

Hunters are the main character in Evil Hunter Tycoon. You have to understand your hunters in advanced manners to succeed in this game.

evils hunter tycoon
evils hunter tycoon

There are 4 classes of Hunters. They’re Berserker, Sorcerer, Paladin, Ranger. There are 33 hunter characters available in this game. You have to upgrade and unblock all the gears of the hunters to make them more strong.

If you have strong hunters then the town will grow strong and the town will be protected from monsters.

Conclusion: Evils hunter is an RPG game that has mighty characters called hunters who save the towns from Dark Lords Invasion. Users have to connect with the hunters and the town will grow strong and secure. This guide has focused on Hunters of Evils hunters as the guide and tips. If we missed any tips and further guide make sure to notify us.

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