Eternal Love M All Classes, Characters, Ancient Beasts List

Eternal Love M is a brand new MMORPG game for Android and iOS devices. The game has just released and its graphics look really cool and fantastic. Eternal Love M’s characters are really amazing and the tale of the ancient beast makes the game even more imaginary fantasy. The game has attractive character arts and unique creativity.

Have you wonder how much Eternal Love M characters and ancient Beasts are available in the game. The all characters, Ancient beast list has made in the bases of their classes in Eternal Love M game. There are an unlimited class of characters, Ancient beast available in the Eternal Love M. The game is super cool and contains the variety of characters, ancient beasts.

We will be classifying all the classes of characters and ancient beast for Eternal Love M. Eternal Love M will make you addictive, if you know the details about its characters and ancient beasts.

Eternal Love M All Classes, Characters, Ancient Beasts List

Eternal Love M is an MMORPG game that originated in the fantasy, magnificent world of Immortal heroes. The game is full of love affections and many interesting love stories. The game has some other world love story such as with the Dragon Clan of the sky, the Plume Clan of the Netherworld, the Kitsune Clan of the Green Hill, etc. These are some of the love stories and grudges between them.


As the game is based on the Eternal love series. The Eternal Love M continues the love series in the world of an original immortal tale! The game texture is even more impressing. The world is full of wondrous plants, rare ancient beatific beasts, godly weapons, overpowered level powers. According to the Developers of the game, Mortals, Gods, and Devils, Demons, Immortals, and Beasts are the divine stuff in Eternal Love M.

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The developers of Eternal Love M claims many characters were recreated in 3D. The report is straightly coming from the patch notes of recent 2.3.1 version. The recent patch notes have written Classic Characters Recreated in 3D. The characters are more love story accurate in the new edition. They are more accurate in personalities, appearances, attachments items and weapons. They have recreated more than 100 characters in the game.

ETERNAL LOVE M all classes

The game’s world is very big. Although the game has three realms. The game begins with the adventurous journey through the four seas and the eight deserts. The regal, majestic Ninth Sky, the Ten-Mile Peach Grove, covered in petals, the peculiar Grand Lavender Palace, and some other site has also recreated in the game. In the game, you have to meet your true love. and spend the whole eternity together.

Eternal Love M All Classes

However, the game has categorized the class with their abilities in five levels. There are five types of class in Eternal Love M. They are”Kitsune,” “Phecda,” “Phantom,” “Majesty,” and “Zithon.” Classes desperately have unique skills, weapons, abilities, statistics and battle style.



So the Phecda is the best class for survival with high proficiency. But they have low control.



Kitsune class characters are best for teaming up with incredible proficiency. But the control is even low than Phecda.



If you are looking for the best class characters for excellent control with overpowered damage. Phantom is the efficient tank. They also deal with high damage.



Basically, Zithon is the characters who can fit in every type of combat style. They are mostly used in Eternal Love M by many players.



This class is only for damage dealers. Majesty characters perform more damage rather than other things. They are the underrated class in Eternal Love M.

Eternal Love M Characters List

ETERNAL LOVE M all character LIST

Here are the all characters list of Eternal Love M:

Bai Qian

She is the youngest daughter of Qingqiu Kitsune Lord who possesses the power to transform into human form. She was in love with the crown prince of Sky clan, Yehua. She learnt all her magic from Mo Yuan at a young age. Later a Mortal name Susu punished and demoted her.

Ye Hua

He is the patient, thoughtful, prudent crown prince of Ninth Sky. He never changed his love for Bai Qian in eternity.


She is a mortal and the princess of Qingqiu. She moved forward into the mortal realm and lost all her human appearance, memories, power and become the mortal name Susu.

Mo Yuan

He is the brother of Crown Prince and elder son of father God. He masters the Kunlun Mirage and becomes the Sky clan’s God of war.

Feng Jiu

She is the mortal who was rescued by the Eastern Emperor. Her love interest is the Eastern Emperor. She descended to the mortal world to protect his mortal reincarnation from assassins.

Eastern Emperor

He was born in the eastern and his bloodline and true identity were unknown.

Li Jing

He was the second prince of Plume clan and desires to impress his dearest. He tied to dethrone Qing Cang while he was sealed in the bell.

Si Yin

Si Yin is the spelt male version of Bai Qian. As the rule in Kunlun Mirage training, she was disqualified due to her gender. By the help of a spell, she changed her identity and become Mo yuan’s student.

Xuan Nu

She was the wife of Li Jing. She used a spell to become more attractive. Later, she robbed the mystical array chart and betrayed her people.

Sky Emperor

He was the cause of weak sky clan.

Qing Cang

He was mostly attracted to men rather than women. As the current emperor of Plume clan and the father of Li Jing. After the civil war, Mu Yuan sealed him in a bell and imprisoned in Roushui River.

Die Feng

The most senior among the Mo Yuan’s sixteen discipline and the son second son of the West Sea Emperor.

Zi Lan

He was among the Mu Yuan’s sixteen discipline. He felt in love with the Yanzhi in the sore of Weishui River. His love story ends with tragically due to the invasion between Sky and Plume clan.

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Eternal Love M Ancient Beast List

  • Ridge Spirit
  • Treant
  • Frog Familiar
  • Fox Sprite
  • Plume Clanswoman
  • Plume Shaman
  • Plume Elder
  • Plume Guardian
  • Plume Fang
  • Shark Warrior
  • Shark Elite
  • Shark Witch
  • Shark Warchief
  • Aquatilia Guardian
  • Aquatilia Maiden
  • Primordial Turtle
  • Sky General
  • Sky Soldier

Here are Eternal Love M All classes, characters and Ancient beast list. There is all history of Eternal Love M affairs. Make sure to Subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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