Dragon Champions Tier List

Surveillance in Dragon champions tier list? Dragon Champions tier list will help you to win every battle and formation of the ultimate team using all the characters in the game. Beside every character is important in its own way. In this article, there is all character tire information provided with their damage impact and all the skils. There is a bunch of characters in Dragon Champions so here is a well-defined classification according to their power and skills.

Dragon Champions Tier List

There are many tiers in Dragon champions. They are SS, A, B, C tiers.  Here are all the characters according to their tiers:

SS Tier

Here are all the SS tier characters detailed mention below:


Hera is a unit of DPS unit with the ability to self dodge and allies invisibility. It can lead to pride allies gain dodge and extra buff at the round start.


Hardore is a pride tactics warrior with an amazing support unit and has the ability to De-Buff Bleed.


Nightile is an Elf DamagerMageTraveler with the ability of high block and damage.


Kaira is Demon Damager Ranger Headhunter and has the ability of block or daze.


Renara is a Pride Healer who can resurrect the whole team and ton of Regen.

Patriarch QI

Patriarch QI is a panda healer by applying shields and minor heals.


Salvador is a pride tank with low damage and it is slow and self shield on basic.


Xantara is a Demon Healer Traveler who can heal in a single turn.


Thalanne is an Elf TacticRogueHeadhunter that can easily Inflict daze, heal block, buff immunity.

S Tier


Freezard is a Human Damager Mage Dragonslayer that has the ability to Mediocre damage and also Good additional utility with Passive Cheat Death. Passive Buff: Snorry.


Ember is a High chance to burn. You can get Bonus damage to burning.

General Murdock

General Murdock is a Goblin Tactic Rogue Traveller who can Mediocre damage, but great utility.

Little Batty

Little Batty is ListHuman Tank who Can remove enemy buffs and reduce enemy turn meter.


Korkhrim is Ord Damager Mage and his borderline tier 1 at max gear.


MOR’SDOOM is an Orc Damager Mage Dragonslayer who can Summons, High damage, significant debuffs, remove enemy buffs.

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