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The world is still obsessed with Zombie apocalyptic things and everyone is making sure to get more intense actions on it. The people are already sick of some old Zombie games and as time is passing by, they want something more dramatic and intense for themselves. In the past, we have already encountered some horror games which were enough for some fans. However, as time is passing by, there seems a keen interest in the people in these games. State of Decay is one of the most asked games that are under development. 

In 2020, Microsoft announced that the game is getting ready to drop on the Xbox but it’s been two years and there has been no relevant information about the game. The players are still possessing their old zombie games and at the same time, they are dying to learn about State of Decay 3. After playing the first two parts of the series, there is no doubt that fans are already excited to see the third installment. 

The officials have already updated some crucial information regarding the upcoming game and fans are vulnerable to learn about them. The first two entries of Zombie games includes action-drama, Adventure, survival, horror, civilization building, zombie-decapitating, strategy element, blending genres, and more. 

In the third entry, the developers are trying to make something similar with the latest updates. In this article, we’re going to update everything about the upcoming game. Continue reading the article to find out everything. 

State of Decay 3: When is it going to be released?

State of Decay 3 Audiences are waiting for the third part to be released. There have been speculations regarding the third entry of the game, Unfortunately, the officials have not yet disclosed anything regarding it. 

On the good side, we know that the State of Decay 3 is officially happening. Microsoft has announced that the series will feature super soon. In 2020, the company, along with its developers released some updates for the working of the game. In the event, they confirmed that State of Decay 3 has confirmed to be released on Xbox. 

At the time of writing, Neither Undead Labs nor Microsoft has announced a release date for State of Decay 3. The fans are already hoping for the release of the most anticipated horror game but it seems like it would be going to take some time before the game would be announced.

According to the latest reports, Undead Labs, the company who is responsible for the development of the game, has been pressed to release the game soon. It was further revealed that they were asked to release the announcement trailer before the actual release of the film. 

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Kotaku has further investigated the working of the game and revealed that the company has gone through major changes after Microsoft acquired the company. Many people might not be aware but Undead’s Lab now works under Microsoft and the company is not the same as it was before the acquisition. The working of the game has been infected, along with the culture change of the game. 

State of Decay 3 is still under production and it will be a while until the game is released. It seems like the game is still in its pre-production and things haven’t happened to get better after that. We need to wait for the company to release further showcases. The upcoming event is going to happen in 2023 and if we are lucky, we’ll see some information. 

State of Decay 3 Trailer: Where Can You Watch The Trailer?

State of Decay 3 Release date

In July 2020, Microsoft released the first announcement cinematic trailer which suggests the game. In the only trailer, there were a lot of schemes hiding and fans were already confident to see them in the game. 

The trailer reveals some great insight regarding what the game is about, They further reveal how the gameplay, background, music, and look are going to be adopted. 

We encountered a female survivor trying to survive in a barren and cold environment. This opens up the possibility for the game to adapt to some colder regions, encouraging the people to think that the next game location would probably be Alaska, Colorado, Wyoming, or Canada.

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Later, we saw how the main character has a crossbow which she uses later in the game. As the first screenplay of the game was revealed, people were already excited to see the new things regarding it. As the show is based on zombies, we are confident that there will be some major zombie happenings in the show. 

Moreover, the trailer also provokes the idea of new zombie animals. The third entry has promised to take things to the advanced levels and as Zombie men were not enough, we have zombie animals for you. 

Where Can You Play the Game?

State of Decay 3 Updates

According to the report, the game will be available to play in Xbox Game Studios. As the game is published by them, there are large-scale chances for the game to release on the platform first. 

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Later, State of Decay 3 will be available on the Xbox Series X, Series S, and PC. The updates are yet to announce and we feel that the game will become more flexible in the upcoming years. As of now, we just need to wait for a while to encounter the latest information. 

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