The Witcher 3: 10 Best Quests, Ranked

In the realm of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt you explore your fate as Geralt of Rivia, in a world where moral complexities and mythical creatures converge. Quests in The Witcher 3 tell the story of the beautiful narrative that follows Geralt as you search for Ciri and escape the Wild Hunt.

The pinnacle of The Witcher 3’s quest design lies in some of these quests, showcasing the absolute best that this game has to offer. From morally ambiguous choices with far-reaching consequences to encounters with monstrous adversaries, these quests exemplify the very essence of what makes The Witcher 3 an unrivaled masterpiece when it comes to storytelling.

10. Of Swords And Dumplings

Of Swords And Dumplings is a simple quest that’s absent of any stakes or choices that would affect anything in the narrative, and that is exactly why it stands out. It has an entertaining story that basically combines a series of fetch quests within Novigrad involving negotiations and brawls.

It all comes together very nicely especially when you finally unlock a master swordsmith, one of the earliest you can unlock at this point in the game. The narrative and the dialogue are very fun and the rewards are decent which makes this quest a great one all around.

9.The Battle Of Kaer Morhen

The Titular moment of the battle, where the Wild Hunt breaks into the fortressThe Battle Of Kaer Morhen and the quests leading up to it are some of the most entertaining in the game. The quest has players going around and finding all of the people they’ve met so far for one final fight against the main antagonists. As the Wild Hunt converges upon Kaer Morhen, Geralt will find himself leading a band of allies in a desperate fight for survival. It has everything, unfathomable stakes, tough decisions, an Avengers esque team up, and emotionally charged moments that make this quest one of the most unforgettable in the game.

8. A Towerful Of Mice

Exploring The Ruined Tower in A Towerful Of MiceIn A Towerful of Mice, Kiera Metz instructs you to explore a haunted castle on a lake in Velen, where you’ll base your opinions on the encounters there until it completely subverts your expectations with its ending.Kiera Metz is considered one of the better minor characters in The Witcher, and you can even romance her in this quest which gives it bonus points. Overall, the haunted vibe and the extremely satisfying twist in the end make A Towerful of Mice one of the better side quests in the game.

7. A Matter Of Life And Death

Geralt holding Triss at the ball moments before he can kiss her The Witcher 3While some prefer the Geralt-Yennefer ship, for fans of the Geralt-Triss relationship, this side quest is an absolute treat where Geralt can reaffirm his love for Triss Merigold while also, in classic Geralt fashion, being a noble hero for the mages of Novigrad.This quest focuses on dialogue and story rather than fights or action, and the story that it tells is very entertaining. It ends with the option of romancing Triss, a choice that can lead to many overarching consequences in the main quest line of The Witcher 3.

6. Possession

Cerys and Geralt talking in the quest Possession is another excellent Skellige quest that will take you on a supernatural ride across the isles. The choices you make during Possession are of utmost importance for the outcome and depending on those choices the ending will differ.This is where the infamous ‘throw the baby in the oven’ meme was born that surprisingly leads to the most satisfying ending of the quest. Not to mention Cerys is the central character which this quest revolves around and probably the best choice for Queen in Skellige if you complete Possession. Overall, it makes for a fantastic narrative in the classic Witcher style with high stakes and choices that will impact the entirety of the Skellige Isles.

5. The Last Wish

The Last Wish from The Witcher 3 The Last Wish is a side quest that finally lands you with Geralt’s canon partner, Yennefer. It’s a throwback to their first meeting where Geralt wished for their destinies to intertwine with each other, making it seem to Yennefer that maybe their love was just a product of that wish and not something they themselves control.They then embark on a quest to find another Djinn to remove the spell, and on the way, you get to have a lot of conversations with Yennefer. Eventually, you end up on the top of a mountain on a boat with a spectacular view of Skellige where Geralt has the choice to reaffirm his love for Yennefer, leading to an extremely sweet ending.

4. Child Of The Elder Blood

Yennefer and Geralt discussing Avallahac's motivations Child of The Elder Blood is one of the more important quests in the main storyline in which the choices you make directly impact the ending of the game. It is because of this that it ends up being so memorable since it’s such a defining moment in the game, despite it being extremely short.It’s just some simple detective work and dialogue, however, the impact of said dialogue is significant. Towards the end, you get the choice to visit Skjalls grave who helped Ciri escape when the Wild Hunt showed up for her, which leads to another quest that further improves Geralt and Ciris’ relationship.

3. Dead Man’s Party

Gaunter O DIMM, talking with Geralt and Shani One of the most entertaining and energetic quests in the Hearts of Stone expansion for The Witcher 3 is Dead Man’s Party. Yet again, this is unlike most of the quests that The Witcher is built upon, featuring a fun night out with Vlodmir Von Everec possessing Geralt’s body.Related: Best Games Based On BooksIt’s a break from the monster-slaying and is just a fun night at a wedding where you get to show Vlodmir the time of his life, while also cementing a relationship with a frequently forgotten partner of Geralts, Shani. In the end, you can even romance Shani leading to one of the best and most memorable quests of The Witcher franchise.

2. No Place Like Home

Quest from the Witcher 3 featuring Eskel and Yennefer No Place Like Home occurs right before you find Ciri, when you reach Kaer Morhen and are reunited with all the other Witchers throughout the series. It’s a goofy quest featuring the Witchers’ drunk antics leading to some of the most hilarious moments in the game.The fact that it happens before a titular turn in the story is why it’s considered so good. It’s fun lightheartedness among friends who’ve met after a long time and a good relaxing point before the real fight begins.

1. Family Matters

The Bloody Barron From The Witcher 3 quest: Family Matters Probably the best quest that accurately describes the original moral ambiguity that Geralt has in the books is Family Matters. As you enter Velen, you’ll meet the Bloody Barron, who has information on Ciri’s whereabouts, and you must get that information by completing a few favors for him.As you follow the quest, you learn about Bloody Barron’s story which is full of morally wrong deeds that he clearly regrets, however, the complexity of this character is extremely fascinating for all Witcher fans. Being that it’s a starting quest, it prepares you for all the story-driven elements of the game and cements itself as one of the more grounded and faithful stories of the Witcher universe.