Tears Of The Kingdom: Mystic Armor Set Location

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You can find tons of interesting armor sets throughout The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Some sets will allow you to get a bonus for your attack or sneak. Others will allow you to survive in certain weather conditions, such as extreme heat, extreme cold, or even in flames.

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One armor set that is different from all other sets is the Mystic Armor set. This set is strange because it has an interesting ability called Rupee Padding. This means that when you’re hit by enemies, you will lose Rupees rather than your own Hearts. This can be extremely beneficial if you’re drowning in Rupees.

The Mystic Armor Set

The Mystic Set has a base defense of 9. Each of the individual pieces will give Link 3 base defense. This cannot be upgraded at the Great Fairy Fountains. The bonus for equipping the entire set is known as Rupee Padding. Each piece has this ability, so the more pieces you have, the better it works. This allows you to lose Rupees, not Hearts, when you’re hit. The set can be dyed any color at the Hateno Village Dye Shop.

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The Mystic Armor Location

Link crouches outside of Koltin's Monster Shop.

The Mystic Set has an interesting way to obtain it. Unlike most other sets, this set can only be obtained by trading certain items. These items are known as Bubbul Gems. The NPC Koltin will want Link to gather as many as he can, so he can turn into a Satori. He will offer Link varying rewards for trading these items in. You can obtain different Monster Parts, Monster Masks, or Mystic Armor pieces. Overall, you will need 46 Bubbul Gems if you want to obtain each piece. You will also need to trade with Koltin 13 times in order to get the final piece. After that, Koltin will have nothing else to offer Link.

  • Mystic Robe – 8 Bubbul Gems total (3rd trade)
  • Mystic Trousers – 21 Bubbul Gems total (7th trade)
  • Mystic Headpiece – 46 Bubbul Gems total (13th trade)

How To Get Bubbul Gems

Link stares at a Bubbulfrog clinging to the roof of a cave.

If you want to gain more Bubbul Gems, you’ll need to kill Bubbulfrogs. These can be found in any caves throughout Hyrule. Once you have found the Bubbulfrog in the cave, you will obtain a checkmark by that cave. For a more in-depth look at Bubbulfrogs and Bubbul Gems, check out this guide.

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