Starfield Will Have 50 Achievements At Launch According To Steam Leak

A leaked image that was posted to Twitter on Saturday supposedly shows the achievement tracker for Bethesda’s upcoming space-themed RPG Starfield, with a counter that reveals a total of 50 possible achievements, the same number that appear in another of the developer’s most-recent RPGs, Fallout 4.

The tweet comes from the Starfield Beyond | News, Discussions & more Twitter account, showing what appears to be an image of the Steam achievement tracker for the game (with Japenese text) and zero out of fifty achievements unlocked. A short time after the original image appeared, a second Twitter user posted a photo of the same achievement tracker in English below the original image. According to the Starfield Beyond Twitter account, the account holder was sent the image through a direct message.

While that leak shows the purported number of achievements available in Starfield, it doesn’t indicate specifically what will be required of players to meet any of the specific achievements. Steam does, however, host Bethesda’s other recent RPGS, including both regular and virtual reality versions of Fallout 4 and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Based on the achievement lists from those games, it’s likely that the list will include a mixture of achievements for completing the main quest line, faction-specific quests, and a variety of sidequests, as well as numbers-based achievements, like the Delver achievement from Skyrim that requires the player to clear out 50 dungeons.

Based on all that we’ve seen so far, Starfield will have a lot to show us, from visiting 1,000 planets that will be different in every single game to customizing both characters and ships, as well as the ability to walk the straight and narrow or go rogue as a pirate.

We’ll find out more of what’s in store for players across the expanse of space when Starfield launches on the Xbox Series X|S and PC on September 6.