Soul Stingers Location & Guide

The Soul Stingers are a pack of massive wasps that Clive will need to exterminate in Final Fantasy XVI.

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The many regions of Valisthea are full of monsters for Clive to fight in Final Fantasy 16. While each region will tend to have a specific level of monsters, hidden around are Notorious monsters, which are much more difficult to take down.

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Later into the game, players will unlock the Hunt Board, where notorious monsters are ranked by difficulty and noted to be taken down. Completing these hunts will give lots of Gil and Renown, along with the usual rewards for killing stronger monsters.

Updated On July 3rd, 2023 By Joshua Leeds: Hunts quickly become one of the most effective ways of earning more Gil, XP, and AP. These hunts will also give players powerful crafting materials that can be used to make some of the better gear pieces in the game, so completing all of them should be a top priority.

Where To Find The Soul Stingers

Soul Stingers Location On World And Local Map

The information on the Soul Stingers can be found on the Hunt Board by talking to Nektar The Moogle in the Hideout. The Soul Stingers are located in the Empty Hovel region of Dhalmekia. Travel to The Jaw and begin making your way north. You’ll eventually see a path to the left called The Sickle which can be taken to reach The Fields Of Corava. Head to the eastern side of the Fields to a small valley where the pack of bugs can be found.

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How To Defeat The Soul Stingers

Clive Fighting The Soul Stingers With Eikon Abilities

The Soul Stingers are a unique hunt in that they are many weaker enemies instead of one strong one. They cannot be staggered and will all be flying just out of Clive’s reach. For the most part, these wasps will act like normal wasps you fight in this region. They have one unique move that begins with their stingers turning red before they all rush Clive to hit at the same time. Missing this dodge will lead to a lot of damage, with its total output being lowered with each bug that is taken out.

The most effective way to take out the swarm is to bring each wasp down one by one and finish them quickly before moving on. Garuda’s Deadly Embrace is perfect for grabbing a single enemy from the sky and bringing it to your melee range. Phoenix Rush also works, but you must finish all four hits in a combo, as the last one will knock the enemy to the ground. Once on the ground, these enemies are weak and can be finished off with a short combo of some of your abilities. After finishing a wasp, simply rinse and repeat until the swarm is no more.

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