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Final Fantasy 16 offers players a more linear, story-based experience differing from its predecessor. While it doesn’t have a fully open world to explore, there are still many regions for players to see and side content to complete within them.

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After a few hours into the game, players will unlock Hunts, which will have Clive hunting down and defeating powerful monsters throughout Valesthia. These monsters will be much stronger than those in the area and pose difficult challenges with great rewards for those able to find and topple these beasts.

Where To Find Muddy Murder

The information for Muddy Murder can be found by talking to Nektar to view the Hunt Board. Muddy Murder is said to be in the Hawk’s Cry Cliff region of Rosaria. Start by traveling to Hawk’s Cry Cliff, with its starting Obelisk being the closest. Follow the main road north through the cliffs, heading to the valley on the right before following the path’s curve to the west. The beast won’t be visible initially but walk deeper into the valley until it appears.

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How To Defeat Muddy Murder

Clive Using Eikon Abilities On The Flan

Muddy Murder is a very powerful beast if you try to fight it right when it becomes available. This Flan Prince uses powerful magic and will be launching devastating spells of all elements at you. It has a wide array of spells at its disposal and will cast them in any order, on top of its ability to Dual-cast two spells at once. With its high-level and powerful spells, be sure to heal after being hit even once, as a second spell may do more than enough to finish you off.

While its spells are powerful, there is a delay between each spell’s cast and the moment it actually hits Clive. Each area of effect will be marked on the ground, and as long as you’re not stuck in an attack animation, you’ll have more than enough time to dodge. Bring quick animated abilities to deal damage but not get stuck in place. Focus simply on dealing damage, and staggers will come naturally, but don’t attempt to rush this enemy down to get a punishing stagger in.

After lowering its health, the Flan will begin using its hands for more melee attacks. These are more difficult to dodge but much weaker than its spells, and the long area of effect allows a lot of space to dodge around the enemy to counter it. Utilize a hit-and-run strategy to stay out of the worst of the enemy’s attacks while slowly chipping away at its health.

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