Jujutsu Kaisen: Who Is Shoko Leri

Shoko Ieri is an important faculty member of Jujutsu High’s Tokyo branch and shares an interesting background with Gojo Satoru and Suguru Geto. She only appears as a minor character in the Jujutsu Kaisen anime but is quite interesting nonetheless.

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She doesn’t play an important role in the anime in the sense that she doesn’t directly participate in any battles, but she’s always present behind the scenes, making sure the fighters are in good shape and ready to be deployed when the need arises.


Shoko has dark brown hair and light brown eyes. She also has lines under her eye and a mole, giving her a mature and tired look. During her high school days, Shoko kept her hair short, not letting it grow out. However, she grew it out a bit further in the present.

She opts to wear a light blue turtleneck sweater alongside dark blue jeans, though she usually wears a white doctor’s coat on top of it. She wore a skirt uniform alongside leggings in her high school era.


Shoko and her two classmates

Shoko makes her first appearance when Gojo recovers Yuuji and asks her to examine his body to ensure he survived the Fearsome Womb incident. She gets disappointed when it turns out that she can’t take apart and study Yuuji’s body since he’s still alive. She keeps his continued survival a secret from the higher-ups on Gojo’s request because of the presence of a mole that could leak the information, compromising Yuuji to an enemy attack.

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During the Mahito arc, Shoko is the one who finds out that the monsters they’ve been fighting were, in fact, regular humans who had their souls tampered with and transfigured into monsters. She is also the one who figured out the mechanism behind how the culling game would kill players, declaring that the cursed technique would directly affect the brain, leading to instant death.

Shoko played an important role in the Shibuya incident, taking care of wounded all over the battlefield at great risk to her own health. At her own insistence, she only had a few dolls from the principal to keep her from harm’s way despite being a high-priority target for the enemy.

During the Gojo Past arc, it’s revealed that Shoko was in the same year as Gojo and Geto. She had a very carefree attitude and didn’t take anything seriously, smoking cigarettes even as a high schooler. She had a good relationship with both sorcerers and considered both Mei Mei and Utahime to be her friends.


Shoko smoking a cigarette as a high schooler

Shoko has a very laid-back and carefree attitude. She didn’t seem to care about the ill effects of smoking as a teenager. She’s quite the habit since then, though she lights on up every now and again for nostalgia.

In her adult years, she’s calmed down a bit and takes things more seriously, performing her duties with a solemn fervor and detached stoicism. She remained calm when inspecting Yuuji and didn’t lose her cool even during the Shibuya incident.


Shoko deducing the true nature of the metamorphized humans

Despite being a close friend of the main characters, Shoko doesn’t have any special powers to speak of. She was never combat oriented, even during her high school years. She was allowed into the program because of her special ability to manipulate Cursed Energy, allowing her to heal her teammates, even going so far as to regenerate entire limbs when needed. Since not a lot of people can utilize the Reverse Cursed technique, she is an invaluable asset to Jujutsu High.

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