How To Use The Cherry Grove

Minecraft’s long-awaited Cherry Grove Biome is here as part of the exploration-heavy Trails and Tales update. While many players are currently focused on the fun of going treasure hunting using the new Archeology mechanics, others are looking to make the most of this new biome.

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Luckily, Cherry Groves are chock-full of new potential – with new blocks and particle effects. Keep reading for everything you need to know about the generation of Cherry Groves, their resources, and ideas for how to use them.

How To Find Cherry Groves

Cherry Groves are naturally generating biomes in all versions of Minecraft after 1.20. Cherry Groves tend to spawn on the first layer of mountains, in the same areas where meadows would spawn.


The most natural way to locate a Cherry Grove is through exploration. This can take quite a while, but if you are lucky there is one nearby. They are an easy-to-spot grassland biome with Pink petals, flowers, and bright pink Cherry Blossom Trees.

Console Commands

Alternatively, there is a console command to locate biomes in the Java Edition of Minecraft. From version 1.16 to version 1.19, use the command /locate biome cherry_grove. If you are playing on a later version, use the command /locate cherry_grove. Unfortunately, the ability to search for biomes does not exist before version 1.16.

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What Spawns In Cherry Groves?

three mobs that spawn in Minecraft's Cherry Groves: bees, glow squids, and sheep

There are a number of new resources that spawn in Cherry Groves, as well as more common ones.


In Cherry Groves, there are unique construction materials, plants, and interesting ores. Expect to find:

  • Cherry Logs
  • Cherry Saplings
  • Cherry Leaves
  • Pink Petals
  • Dandelions
  • Poppies
  • Tall Grass
  • Emerald Blocks (underground)


A number of hostile mobs can spawn in Cherry Groves, but there are also peaceful mobs there such as:

  • Pigs
  • Sheep
  • Rabbits
  • Bees
  • Glow Squids

Hostile mob spawns for Cherry Groves are identical to meadows and other grassland variants.

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Ideas For How To Use The Cherry Grove

a bee, sheep, glow squid, pink petal block, and all of the cherry tree craftables from Minecraft

Players who are lucky enough to find a Cherry Grove have many options for how to use it. This biome is typically not too crowded, making it a good location for farming and building. Mob spawns give it a lot of potential for some ranching activities as well. Additionally, the look of the blocks makes them excellent construction materials for houses and other structures.


Beehives are naturally generated in this biome or can be relocated here with Silk Touch. Because the Pink Petals and Cherry leaves attract Bees for Pollination purposes, this biome is very efficient for Honey and Honeycomb generation. Bees can also be used to fertilize your crops, as they advance the growth stage when flying over with pollen (similar to using bone meal on the plant).

Glow Ink Harvesting

Because Glow Squids can spawn in a body of water inside a Cherry Grove, this is a good place to go when looking for Glow Ink. Glow Ink can be used to make neon-esque writing on signs, as well as making glow item frames.

Sheep & Wool

Especially when first starting a new world, finding wool is important but time-consuming. You need several sheep in order to make a bed, and then will need them again later for additional recipes. If you are looking for sheep to tame, or simply want some quick wool from wild sheep, then the Cherry Grove is a good place to go.

Rabbits & Skin

Rabbits occasionally spawn in the tall grass blocks of Cherry Grove. These rabbits can be corralled and bred for their meat, feet, or skins. Rabbit skins can be crafted into leather, or are used to craft a Bundle. Rabbit feet are an important ingredient for Mundane Potions or Potions of Leaping.

Cherry Trees

Cherry Trees have a lot of building potential. These spawns can be harvested directly from the grove, or grown where your base is using bone meal for a renewable resource. Simply take a sapling or pink petal block back home, and plant on a grass or dirt block to cultivate.

Cherry logs can be made into planks and all other normal wood-type recipes. If these logs have been Striped, then they can be used to craft the new Hanging Sign block. Cherry Leaves can be harvested using shear, and have an accompanying particle effect unique to Cherry Trees. Pink leaves will slowly fall in the space under a Cherry Leaf block, even when the block is placed in another location outside the grove.

Pink Petals

Pink Petals are beautiful flowers similar to Sea Pickles or tall flowers in that they can be reproduced with bone meal, and stack up to 4 high on a single block. Using bone meal on an empty block inside the Cherry Grove biome will also create a Pink Petal block.

While Pink Petals cannot be harvested by breaking (even with Silk Touch) they will drop a copy of themselves when bone meal is used on a block that already contains 4 Pink Petals. This copy can then be taken and planted somewhere else. In addition to being a good decoration, Pink Petals can be used to craft Pink Dye.

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