How To Unlock The Timewinder In Convergence

In Convergence, the Timewinder is a staple piece of Ekko’s tool belt and a very useful item: It will give you some ranged damage to deal with the game’s many flying enemies. Besides that, it can be used to open doors, power switches to create handy platforms, and more. It will prove invaluable in combat and in traversal throughout your adventure in this fantastic 2D platformer.

Luckily, this crucial piece of your arsenal is found very early on in the game, as retrieving it is one of the first objectives the player will be provided. Here’s what you’ll have to do in order to do so.

Soon after the start of the game, you will find your friend Lem in trouble: He’s become trapped under some of the fallen debris. Fight your way to him, gaining the Rewind ability as well as Chronobreak, a very strong Ultimate ability that deals tremendous area damage when used. Once you free Lem, he will mention that the Timewinder you loaned him was taken by someone named Scary Janet.

Proceed ahead and fight your way through all the Chempunk Grunts and Chemtech Snipers that come across your path. You will encounter a large fountain you will have to jump across, and on the other side, there is an open door through which the thief awaits you.

Defeating Scary Janet

Scary Janet confronts the player in Convergence
Scary Janet will be in a bar area just beyond the door. She mentions an orange crystal that is supercharging her. Ekko inquires about the stolen Timewinder, and a fight breaks out.

Scary Janet has a slow methodical moveset, introducing the player to attacks that can’t be dodged (which are indicated by a flashing red before or during the attack). As these cannot be parried or rolled through, you will have to position yourself far away or roll well before the attack lands. Scary Janet has two moves to help players acclimate to this:

  • A combo of two hammer swings that will not adjust after you dodge the first.
  • A hammer strike that explodes in an area around her, also firing out a projectile along the floor.

Keep your distance, jump over the projectile, and carefully roll through Scary Janet’s other attacks until you defeat her and reclaim your Timewinder.

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Convergence Timewinder being used in battle
This disk travels a set distance when thrown before returning to Ekko, dealing damage as it passes to and from Ekko. The distance thrown is always the same, so learning the spacing of it is key to maximize damage. This attack is great for flying enemies, as their distance usually puts them in the sweet spot. Additionally, the Timewinder can be thrown into sockets to power things like doors and platforms for environmental puzzles or while platforming. There are a few gadgets you can craft to alter the properties of this ability, which customize it to aid in whichever playstyle best fits you. The game opens up a great deal later on, with some intriguing and complex areas to traverse, so this will be important. These upgrades are:

  • Bumper Drive: Makes it so that you can attack the Timewinder while it is out to knock it an additional time at the same set distance in any direction.
  • Weighted Plating: Increases the damage per hit of the Timewinder.
  • Gravity Matrix: Enemies are pulled towards Ekko on the Timewinder’s return.
  • Blast Coupling: The Timewinder creates an energy blast before returning to Ekko.