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Diablo 4 has a litany of vendors for players to juggle their gear and achieve different customizations. Some vendors are returning from previous titles (such as the Blacksmith) while others are new. One such vendor, the Occultist, is replacing Kanai’s Cube from the previous game to offer Legendary gear modification.

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However, this NPC won’t unlock when players finish the prologue. Instead, players will need to meet special requirements to unlock this end-game vendor. Keep reading for details on how to unlock the Occultist, where to find him, and what he does.

Where To Find The Occultist

Many (but not all) towns will have an Occultist for players to visit. The first location is in Kyovashad in the building just below the Jeweler. To locate the Occultist, look for a symbol on your map of a triangle with circles at each point.

You can see if a settlement has an Occultist by selecting it on your map. A drop-down menu will then appear listing the services offered in that town.

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How To Unlock The Occultist

The Kyovashad Occultist's shop from Diablo 4

The Occultist will initially be locked. In order to unlock this vendor, players need to reach level 25 or have unlocked the Codex of Power (usually acquired by completing side dungeons for aspect rewards).

After you’ve met the requirements for unlocking the Occultist, a priority quest will become available. In this priority quest, players will speak with the Occultist vendor in Kyovashad and be instructed on what services he offers.

To see your current priority quests, open the journal, then select the tab showing a white ornate cross (to the left of the main story tab). Additionally, you can track a priority quest by checking the box next to the name in the Journal.

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How To Use The Occultist

The aspect menu for the Occultist vendor in Diablo 4

The Occultist has several functions in Diablo 4, most of which will be key for endgame content. For veteran players, one can consider him to be the replacement for Kanai’s Cube from Diablo 3. This vendor is where players will:

  • Extract and Imprint Aspects
  • Craft and Salvage Nightmare Sigils
  • Enchant Items

Most of these will be useful in end-game content but are too expensive to justify while playing through the main story.


Aspects are the powers that make Legendary gear special. They can be extracted from Legendary gear found in the world for a single-use Aspect, or unlocked in the Codex of Power and used multiple times.

These Aspects can then be Imprinted on any gear of Rare or higher quality. This gear then becomes an Imprinted Legendary item.

Nightmare Sigils

Nightmare Sigils are a resource used to increase Dungeon difficulty. These Sigils will be used similarly to rifts in Diablo 3. Players run them at the end of the game as a challenge and to get rare loot drops.


Enchanting is a returning mechanic from previous Diablo titles. The player can pay a small fee to reroll a property on a piece of gear. For example, you might reroll a property that increases your poison resistance to one that gives you additional movement speed. This is useful for Legendary items with qualities you want to make even better.

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