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Vinland Saga returned with Season 2 after three long years, much to the delight of fans eagerly awaiting the continuation of Thorfinn’s epic journey. The series had captivated audiences who had eagerly awaited its return. However, after more than five months of airing, Season 2 sadly reached its conclusion, leaving fans hungry for more. While the series undoubtedly holds the promise of a new season, the timeline for its release remains uncertain.

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For those who simply can’t wait to uncover what happens next in the story, turning to the manga is the perfect solution. The manga provides an opportunity to dive deeper into the narrative, offering a way to learn what the story holds further for Thorfinn and what new journey he will embark on.

Where Did Vinland Saga Season 2 End?

Throughout the journey of twenty-four episodes, Vinland Saga season 2 adopted the Slave Arc completely, which spanned across chapters 55 to 99, released from volumes 8 to 14 of the series. Two chapters of the next arc, the Eastern Expedition Arc, were also covered in the finale episode.

The Slave Arc saw Thorfinn finding himself in the clutches of slavery, where he forms an unlikely bond with Einar, a captive at Ketil’s Farm. United by their desire for freedom, they become best friends and work toward liberation. On the other hand, King Canute embarked on a grand vision to create an earthly paradise, but what an irony, he was ready to shed the blood of anyone coming his way.

From Where To Start Reading The Manga?

From where to start reading Vinland Saga

Vinland Saga anime has faithfully adapted the manga till the Slave Arc, not leaving any critical moment from the original source or changing the story. So if you have watched the anime adaptation, you don’t need to read the story from the start. To continue exploring Thorfinn’s journey, you need to start reading the manga from chapter 102, marking the beginning of the Eastern Expedition Arc. The arc starts with chapter 100; however, season 2 covered the first two chapters of the new arc as well.

Now that Thorfinn has returned to his homeland and gotten rid of his older self, the vengeful teenager, he is now a completely transformed man, longing for peace with a dream to build a place where wars and battles have no existence. In order to fulfill his dream, Thorfinn will embark on a new journey; however, this mission is not an easy one to be fulfilled.

Vinland Saga is missing from the most popular platform for manga release, which is Shonen Jump, which provides the series for international audiences in English translations on the official website of Viz Media and Manga Plus. Instead, the series is released on Kodansha, which makes it a bit typical to access. You can buy Vinland Saga officially through multiple sources, including Amazon Kindle, Bookwalker, Google Play, Kobo, MyAnimeList, and Barnes & Noble Nook.

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