How To Read The Manga After Season 1

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The magical world of Mashle: Magic and Muscles burst onto our screens in April, engaging audiences with its unique blend of humor, action, and a dash of magic. As we bid farewell to the thrilling first season of Mashle, where we witnessed the indomitable Mash challenging and triumphing over powerful magic users with his raw strength, fans are left yearning for more. With the anime adaptation concluding, an obvious question arises in the fandom, how can we continue our journey in this enchanting universe?

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Well, there is a way to stay connected to the magical world of Mashle, and that is by immersing ourselves in the pages of the manga crafted by the talented Hajime Komoto. The manga not only provides an avenue for fans to continue their adventure beyond the anime’s conclusion and answer the lingering questions left unanswered but also offers the opportunity to explore the story in its original form.

Where Did Mashle: Magic And Muscles Season 1 End?

A-1 Pictures brilliantly adopted the anime adaptation of Mashle, not leaving any scope for complaint. As the original source has been faithfully adopted in the series, there is no point in going through the hassle of reading all the manga pages already being covered in the show. So, if you have watched all twelve anime episodes, it would be best to skip those chapters and continue the story from where the show left off. Mashle season one covered the Easton Enrollment Arc and Magia Lupus Arc completely, spanning chapters 1 to 39.

Throughout the series, we see Mash’s struggle to mix with society due to his inability to use magic. And despite his wish to lead a simple life with his adoptive father, he was dragged to prove his worth, which resulted in his admission to the greatest magic schools. There he made some really great friends but equally threatening enemies, whom he seems to have overpowered till now. But Mash’s story is far from over, and so do the threats that come his way. The story only gets better and better after the anime adaptation, so if you’re a Mashle fan, then you owe yourself to read the manga.

From Where To Start Reding The Manga After Season 1?

How to read mashle after season 1

To continue with the story further, you have to start reading the manga from chapter 40, titled Mash Burnedead And the Candle’s Flame, which starts the third arc of the series called the Execution Arc. Mash has been hiding the fact that he cannot use magic for a long time, and now the truth has come out. As a consequence, Mash has to face the punishment for concealing the fact, which is execution. This arc also introduced us to all the Divine Visionaries and saw the difficulties faced by Mash in the world where magic reigns supreme.

Following the Execution Arc, which spanned only four chapters, we are enthralled with Divine Visionary Selection Exam Arc, Tri-Magic-Athalon Divine Visionary Final Exam Arc, and the Eclipse Arc, which the series is currently covering. As of writing this article, 161 chapters of Mashle have been released, and new episodes release every week. So, while you savor yourself with the manga, which is available on Viz Media and Manga Plus, new chapters are being released to add to your excitement.

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