How To Play Amaterasu In DKO Divine Knockout

Divine Knockout, otherwise known as DKO, is a blast of a cartoon fighter. Upon release, the game received moderately positive reviews. There are eight characters to choose from, all with different combat styles and unique attacks at their disposal. Fighting between the unique deities on offer is exciting and dangerous, with each cast member bringing some incredible moves into battle. It’s an anime-esque fighting experience.

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Finding the right way to utilize these move sets can be difficult, taking into account the numerous options and match-ups that are involved. Characters can take to the skies, launch assaults at blistering speeds, and dodge even faster. The fundamentals of battle involve being able to predict what the opponent has planned to some degree, knowing the right time to dodge, and being safe on the battlefield. After this, going on the offensive is the next step. These concepts can quickly develop a beginner fighter into a heavy-hitting pro. If you’re looking to excel as the powerful and elusive Amaterasu, this guide will provide all the information you need to get you started on that journey.

An Introduction To Amaterasu

Amaterasu wields a blade and prides herself on her speed (as do some iconic fighting game stars). That agility is the key to becoming a worthy opponent while playing as her. She is one of three figures from Japanese Mythology in the game, and is not intended to tank damage. Instead, her play style revolves around evading foes, seeking opportunities, and then dashing in to deliver a burst of damage. After that, she can swiftly retreat to avoid retaliation, before repeating the cycle. Playing Amaterasu will require a lot of focus and paying careful attention to her surroundings, due to her high-speed nature.

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Amaterasu’s Attacks And How To Use Them

Amaterasu, surrounded by powerful aura, launching a powerful attack in DKO

This brave warrior has four abilities and six attacks. They are all focused on damage-dealing, yet her abilities are a bit more unique than her six main attacks. Three of her abilities have the ability to knock players back, an effect ranging from light to heavy. This, combined with her high speed, makes her a fighter all about positioning and reading the current state of the battle.

Amaterasu’s Abilities

  • Sunseeker Dash: A long-distance attack. Amaterasu launches forward, hitting the foe with the end of her sword and dealing 6 damage. The foe is launched into the air, to be hit with 10 damage and knocked backward.

This move can be a useful tool. Striking with the end of the sword is important, as when it doesn’t hit, the target won’t be launched into the air and will receive only the first 6 damage and a low-level knock back. This takes both precision and good timing. While powerful, it might be hard to aim the Sunseeker Dash while you’re moving. Taking advantage of an opponent’s momentary vulnerability is the best way to use this move, perhaps when they have just whiffed an attack.

  • Heavenly Strike: Slashes and deals 6 damage, before the target is launched away and takes an additional 8 damage.

This is a wide attack, offering good range while being less reliant on the player’s aim. It is best used to push enemies back when combat gets too tight, thus providing a good chance to disengage and try to reclaim momentum. Alternatively, it can be used to chain attacks together, as Amaterasu can launch at the opposing enemy and land another attack after the knock back.

Be wary of your surroundings when trying for a combo, though: During the dash, if the enemy is to recover, Amaterasu will be left open to attacks.

  • Sunlit Uppercut: Launches into the air, dealing 6 damage to the enemy.

Proper use of the Sunlit Uppercut requires proximity to the opponent. It’s most effective when combat is getting heated, or if you want to land a combo on your enemy by using the launch combined with other moves. It’s a powerful move that opens up a lot of possibilities. While it’s possible to use this move from afar, it will require Amaterasu to rush up and land the hit. This can be mixed with the Heavenly Strike to create a powerful chain, dealing 12 damage to the foe.

  • Final Light: The most powerful of all of Amaterasu’s moves, dealing a total of 26 damage. A ray of light is launched forward, a nod to her sun theme, stunning the enemy for 2 seconds. Amaterasu slashes the enemy rapidly until launching them back. This is a great move and can cause some serious danger for enemies.

Final Light is best used with good aim and when the enemy isn’t moving as much. It can mean the difference between victory and defeat and has a variety of uses, even being able to combo with other moves. It works well with the Sunlit Uppercut, which could be unleashed as the foe hits the ground from the launch upwards.

Using this move requires good precision and timing. Despite its damage potential, players must resist the urge to simply throw it out.

Amaterasu’s Basic Attacks

The rest of Amaterasu’s attacks are the same as those of the other characters, not having any special tactics or gimmicks connected to them. Mastery of the basic dodge, light attacks (to combo moves together) and other simple moves is also important for success. The only thing that will differ from character to character with these attacks is their speed, strength, and other stats that may vary their effects somewhat.

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Tips & Tricks With Amaterasu

DKO Divine Knockout Amaterasu giving peace sign as match begins

A vital general rule is do not spam moves in rapid succession. Doing this leaves you open to attacks from the other player, reducing your potential damage and causing you to take much more yourself. This can also waste moves that have a cooldown timer, leaving them locked when they’re needed most. Amaterasu has a lot of tools, and the players should ensure they’re available.

Keep an eye on your surroundings. Every character has a different mechanic, so being alert to assess the situation and act critically is a must. Being able to dodge, attack, and lead the battle in the right manner leads to an easier victory. This goes for combat in the air as well as on the ground.

Know where you’re aiming at all times. Missing an attack leaves you exposed, so try to aim every move precisely. This can take a lot of practice, but the more experience players get, the less chaotic the game seems and the more method there is to the action. Amaterasu has a lot of attacks that require dashing forward with her sword, such as the Sunseeker Dash, so needs to make sure that the dash will leave her in an advantageous spot in this classic fighter.

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