How To Obtain Wicked Implement Catalyst

The latest Exotic Scout Rifle, Wicked Implement, was released in Destiny 2 last week through a hidden quest that led to a rather interesting secret boss fight in the Deep Dive activity. Since then, players have been curious about how to obtain the weapon’s Catalyst.

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As you may have already guessed, the Catalyst to Wicked Implement lies within the same activity you gained it from, however, there are some little tricks to it that you need to be careful about. You are also highly advised to have a full Fireteam for the Deep Dive activity as it would be almost impossible to earn the Catalyst with random teammates.

How To Obtain Wicked Implement Catalyst

The Catalyst for Wicked Implement can be obtained as a random drop from Tier 7 Chests after completing a Deep Dive activity. If you are not familiar with the chest tiers, you’re likely wondering how exactly you can upgrade the final chest’s level to 7.

A Tier 7 chest is actually the most valuable loot you can earn from a Deep Dive activity, and the only possible way to receive Tier 7 loot, in the end, is to complete Pressure Trials for each one of the encounters before the boss encounters in Deep Dive.

Make sure to activate Pressure Trials in all three encounters you have before facing the final boss, and you need to complete all of them successfully within the given timeframe. If you fail to complete any of the encounters or the Pressure Trials belonging to them, you will be teleported directly to the final boss encounter, which means you will lose the Tier 7 Chest.

After defeating the final boss, you should be able to spot the chest’s tier on the interaction prompt, but even before that, you will always see the Chest Tier you are going to receive on the left side of your screen, above the loadout information.

How To Activate Pressure Trials

Wicked 3

Every time you enter an encounter room in a Deep Dive activity, you are required to set up a device called Egregore Resonator. As soon as you activate it, a Toland will appear somewhere in the arena. Toland is an intractable shining object that almost looks like a ghost but with light sparkling out of it. So, you need to look for it as soon as you set up the Egregore device. In the first encounter room, it could actually be placed in tricky locations such as beneath your entry platform, or behind a set of boxes on the left or right side of your entry gate.

As soon as you interact with Toland, you will activate the Pressure Trials. Depending on your luck, there are three different outcomes after activating the trials. You may spot three different Taken Blights spawning in the arena. For destroying these blights, you need to get inside their radius and then shoot at the core. Keep in mind that you can destroy them anytime during the encounter, but they must be gone before the encounter ends.

The second outcome is again about big Taken Blights, but this time they will be floating in the air. If this outcome happens, you need to immediately destroy all of those blights by shooting at them, as these blights will disappear after less than a minute, and if you don’t destroy them, the Pressure Trial will fail.

Last but not least, the third outcome will spawn five different white tornado zones on the ground. You simply need to go and stand inside the tornado and a progression bar will start to fill. Once it is fully filled, you are done. Similar to the first outcome, this one can also be done anytime during the encounter.

Wicked 33

If you successfully complete the initial task of Pressure Trials, a message will appear next to your crosshair saying “Darkness Invoked”. Also, a message from Xivu Arath is played after completing the initial tasks.

Now, if you think that’s all you need for Pressure Trials, you are dead wrong! Activating the Pressure Trials and completing its initial objectives are only small parts of the path. The bigger part arrives after completing the normal encounter in the arena, where you will face yet another series of enemies spawning, which may include three mini-bosses or a single giant boss. Your only challenge here is to save enough time in the normal encounter so that you can defeat the Pressure Trials’ encounter as well. So, you really need to be fast with everything you are required to do to complete the normal encounter.

Wicked 333

This is going to be the same for all three encounters before the final boss fight, and failing in each one will wipe your progress, which means you need to start the activity all over again.

What Does Wicked Implement Catalyst Do?

Wicked 4

Once you claim the Catalyst – and remember it is still a random drop from Tier 7 chests – you will be required to kill a certain number of enemies to activate the Catalyst. Installing this Catalyst on the weapon overflows its magazine whenever you collect Stasis Shards on the battlefield, as Wicked Implement itself is a Stasis weapon.

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