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Final Fantasy 16 features an extensive crafting system courtesy of the Blacksmith Blackthorne. This allows players to progress and customize their build – something that is incredibly satisfying in any JRPG. Each recipe has several resources needed to complete it, which are collected by completing side quests and hunting down Notorious Marks.

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Orichalcum, one of the rarest resources, has caught the attention of players due to its necessity for crafting powerful late-game gear. It’s no wonder players are having trouble getting their hands on enough of the stuff, as there are only five in the entire game. Keep reading for all the ways to get Orichalcum in Final Fantasy 16 and how you can use it to up your power level.

Updated by Abigail Angell on July 25, 2023: Links have been added to other prominent crafting materials mentioned in this article. These include the Primitive Battlehorn and Stained Loincloth.

Where To Get Orichalcum

There are only two ways to get Orichalcum – Hunts and side quests. This resource is rare, with only five total Orichalcum available in the game.

Hunt Marks That Drop Orichalcum

Three of the S Rank Notorious Marks in Final Fantasy 16 drop Orichalcum when defeated. Each gives a single Orichalcum.

Other Ways To Get Orichalcum

There are two side quests that give Orichalcum as a reward – Duty Undying II and Under New Management II.

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Things To Craft With Orichalcum

Final Fantasy 16 Gotterdammerung

There are three items in the game which require Orichalcum to craft.

  • The Gotterdammerung Sword
  • The Sons of Ouroboros
  • Ouroboros

This equipment set is the best you can have in your initial playthrough of the game, and should be a priority for players to obtain as soon as possible.

How To Craft The Gotterdammerung Sword

The Gotterdammerung Sword has an Attack and Stagger value of 375 – only surpassed by the famed Ultima Weapon exclusive to Final Fantasy Mode. To craft this epic weapon you will need the following materials:

The Sons of Ouroboros

The Sons of Ouroboros is a set of very rare Vambraces. With the best statistics in the game, these give Clive 32 HP and 97 Defense. To craft The Sons of Ouroboros, you will need:


Ouroboros is a belt which grants Clive 32 HP and 95 Defense. The recipe, obtained from completing Black Smith Blues III, requires the following resources:

  • 1 Orichalcum
  • 1 Comet Feather
  • 1 Stone Tongue

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Things To Reinforce With Orichalcum

Final Fantasy 16 Reinforce Weapons

There are currently no known items that can be reinforced with Orichalcum. There is also no indication that this will be added to the game later, so feel free to use all of your Orichalcum on crafting.

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