How To Get & Use Grimalkin Hide

Final Fantasy 16 has an expansive list of resources for players to find and collect. These can be used to craft and upgrade gear – allowing you to keep up with the ever-rising power curve of the game. Many resources are abundant, but some are unique. Unique resources can only be found in one place and are usually used to craft the game’s most powerful items.

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Grimalkin Hide is one such unique crafting resource – there is only one Grimalkin Hide obtainable in the first playthrough of the game. This hide will then be used to craft the best weapon for the mid-game. Keep reading for everything you need to know about getting and using Grimalkin Hide.

How To Get Grimalkin Hide

Grimalkin hide is a unique drop from the C-level Notorious Mark the Grimalkin. The lower tier of this mark is indicative of its difficulty, which doesn’t even come close to matching other Hunt Marks. However, you will need to beat several waves of regular enemies before engaging the boss, which can deplete the resources of reckless players.

Where To Find The Grimalkin

The Grimalkin is located in The Cattery region of Dhalmekia. The closest fast-travel location to this mark is The Jaw Obelisk. Beginning from the Obelisk, head North. Follow the eastern path through the Sickle, then south down the valley. Keep going until you reach some ruins containing a pack of dogs – you will need to defeat these to trigger the Grimalkin.

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How To Use Grimalkin Hide

Grimalkin Hide alongside Excalibur from video game Final Fantasy 16

There is only one use for Grimalkin Hide. It will be used in the crafting of Excalibur – a solid mid-game weapon. While not the strongest in the game, you won’t be able to get another significant weapon upgrade until the beginning of Act 3 – making this sword well worth the investment.

Excalibur Crafting Recipe

Craft Excalibur by providing Blackthorne with the following materials:

  • 300 Wyrrite
  • 1 Scarletite
  • 1 Grimalkin Hide
  • 1 Bomb Ember

You’ll notice that in addition to Grimalkin Hide, Excalibur requires another unique resource – a Bomb Ember. This is obtained by defeating The Bomb King.

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How To Unlock The Excalibur Blueprint

Final Fantasy 16 Blacksmith’s Blues 2

The Excalibur Blueprint is unlocked after completing the side quest Blacksmith Blues II. In order to begin this quest, you’ll need to have completed the previous quest in the chain, Blacksmith Blues, as well as the main story quest Letting Off Steam III. Like all quests in the Blacksmith Blues chain, you’ll begin the quest by speaking with August.

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