How To Get The Scimitar Of The Seven

Weapon durability remains a reality in Tears of the Kingdom, and it affects unique, hard-to-find weapons the most. Using a unique weapon obtained at the end of a long, arduous chain quest only to have it break doesn’t feel good for anybody. Nintendo neatly sidesteps the problem by making these uber-powerful weapons reforgeable if you have the necessary materials at hand.

Like the other champion weapons, the Scimitar of the Seven is the best at what it does, putting out massive damage numbers. And, with an excellent hidden ability that elevates its already high damage to staggering levels, it becomes an absurdly strong fusion weapon that warrants a dip into your strongest fusion material reserves. Combined with a fully upgraded armor set, you’re looking at an unstoppable killing machine. Finding it is a matter of clearing the Gerudo region’s main quest and completing a short mission.

Updated by Hamza Haq on August 1, 2023: The Scimitar of the Seven is a powerful weapon with an incredible hidden ability that sets it apart even among champion weapons. You’ll need the help of a Gerudo shop owner to craft this legendary sword and its accompanying shield. We’ve added new links to the article to keep it up to date with the latest available information.

Complete The Missing Owner Side Quest

You can only get the Scimitar of the Seven after you’ve unlocked Gerudo Town and can interact with the shopkeepers there. You have to first clear the Lightning Temple to unlock Gerudo Town.
link talking to Cara in Gerudo Town totk
In Gerudo Town, talk to the Jewelry Shop attendant, Cara, to start the “The Missing Owner” side quest. Cara will tell you that she is not the original owner of the jewelry store and the owner is stuck somewhere in the desert and hasn’t come back. Find the owner and bring her back to complete the quest.
coordinates on the map showing isha's location in totk
The owner, Isha, can be found at these coordinates (-4769, -2830, 0029). She is standing on a small rock formation out in the open in the Toruma Dunes region. Head directly west from Gerudo Town to find her. You can create a sand-sled using some zonai devices or make the trek on foot.
link fighting the Molduga in the Gerudo Desert totk
There is a Molduga circling the rock formation. Defeat the Molduga to allow Isha to escape from its clutches. This is one of the harder enemies to face off against but excessive use of Bomb Flowers and fused arrows can make this fight a cake walk. Once the Molduga is dead, Isha will return to the Jewelry Shop on her own.

Complete Pride Of The Gerudo Side Quest

link talking to Isha in Gerudo Desert totk

Travel back to the Jewelry Shop and talk to Isha, and she will give you the “Pride of the Gerudo” quest to forge the Scimitar of the Seven and the Daybreaker shield for you.

To forge the Arms of the Seven, you will have to find and bring Isha the following items:

  • Gerudo Scimitar
  • Gerudo Shield
  • 4 Diamonds
  • 10 Flint

How To Get Gerudo Scimitar & Gerudo Shield

split image of link looking at two Ice Like Likes and an electric Like Like totk

Both Gerudo Scimitar and Gerudo Shield have a high chance of dropping from Like Like Chests in the Gerudo Region. There are two Ice Likes near the Statue of the Eighth Hero and one at the edge of the desert.

To get a confirmed Gerudo weapon, you can make a hard save before fighting the Like Likes and reload if you don’t get the Gerudo Scimitar and Shield. Repeat this until you get the desired weapon or shield, as the chests only have a chance to drop the right one.
split image of link finding the gerudo scimitar and gerudo shield from a chest totk
Alternatively, in Pela Wasteland, you’ll find the Ancient Prison Ruins, which contain a confirmed Gerudo Scimitar drop.

If you have already obtained (and destroyed) a Gerudo Scimitar previously, you can also find a pristine version of it in the Depths under the Gerudo desert.

How To Get Diamonds

The character in Legend Of Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom is talking to the merchant in Goron City about purchasing a diamond for 1000 rupees.

Diamonds are rare drops from ore deposits but have a higher chance of dropping from Stone Taluses. You can also buy Diamonds for 1000 Rupees each in Goron City.

How To Get Flint

You can easily farm Flint in caves and in the Depths from ore deposits. Flint is the most common drop from ore deposits alongside Rock Salts.

Return To Isha At The Jewelry Shop

split image of link getting the scimitar of the seven and daybreaker from Isha totk

Return to Isha at the Jewelry Shop and talk to her with all the required ingredients in hand, and she will immediately forge both the Scimitar of the Seven and the Daybreaker Shield.

How To Repair The Scimitar Of The Seven

An Octorock Repairing Link's Weapon
The Scimitar of the Seven is a breakable weapon, meaning it will not last forever. You can either repair it by visiting a Stone Octorok in Eldin Canyon or revisit Isha with the crafting materials again. She will reforge the sword (and shield) for you.

If you do decide to visit Isha, she will only reforge the sword for you if its broken. Reforging the Scimitar of the Seven costs 3 Diamonds, 5 Flint, and one Gerudo Scimitar. You can choose to only reforge the sword without the shield if you select the correct option in the dialogue.

Best Fusion For The Scimitar Of The Seven

link holding Scimitar of the Seven and Silver Lynel Saber Horn fusion sword totk
Scimitar of the Seven is an end-game weapon that can help you clear out the remaining challenges in Hyrule after you’ve beaten the game and are on the search for things to do.

It makes for one of the best fusion weapon bases in the game because it has the ability “Strong Fusion,” which doubles the fusion value of any item you fuse to it.

A Scimitar of the Seven fused with Silver Lynel Saber Horn will have a base damage of 138 because of the Strong Fusion ability, which doubles the value of Silver Saber Horn’s fusion.