How To Get Every Eevee Evolution In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

One of the most exciting aspects of any Pokemon game is the ability to evolve party members into their stronger, more exciting, evolutions. These evolutions give Pokemon more opportunity to grow, and can give a hefty boost to their base stats into the bargain.

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Arguably the most well-loved of all Pokemon evolutions is the Eevee family, or, as fans call them, Eeveelutions. All of Eevee’s eight evolved forms to date are available in the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet games. Here’s how to evolve the genetically unstable little critter into each one, as well as where these forms can be found in the wild and an introduction to their strengths in battle.


If fans are looking to own all the Eeveelutions, they’ll want to catch as many Eevee as they can (all Eeveelutions can also be caught in the wild.) Thankfully, Eevee can be caught fairly early in the game. The Pokedex describes this Pokemon’s habitat as “lives near towns and cities.” Searching for Eevee outside cities within grassy areas should yield the best results.

They do not always show up on the mini-map that usually shows which Pokemon are around, however. After catching all the Eevee required, players can evolve them into Flareon, Vaporeon, Jolteon, Umbreon, Espeon, Glaceon, Leafeon, or Sylveon. Each Eeveelution has its own typing, movepool, stat distribution, and use in battle.


Pokemon Scarlet and Violet picnic focused on Vaporeon

Eevee can evolve into Vaporeon, a Water-type Pokemon, by using a Water Stone on the Pokemon at any time. The Water Stone can be purchased at Delibird Presents for 3,000 Pokemon Dollars. However, the stone will not appear in the stores until at least three Gym Leaders have been defeated. It’s also possible to find Water Stones as sparkling items on the ground. If players don’t have a stone, they can catch a Vaporeon at Casseroya Lake.

Vaporeon’s Competitive Use

Vaporeon has always been a solid Eeveelution for competitive play. This Pokemon has lacking physical Defense at base 60, but its huge base HP (130) and good Special Defense (95) enable it to tank hits well. Even without the Scald and Flip Turn Moves, using Surf, it can also deal potent damage with 110 base Special Attack. Wish can help heal Vaporeon and even its teammates too. Add Leftovers as the Held Item and Vaporeon can be tricky to take down.

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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Jolteon at picnic

The Electric-type Eeveelution can be evolved from Eevee by using a Thunder Stone on it. The Thunder Stone can be found by chance on the overworld, or purchased from Delibird Presents for 3,000 Pokemon Dollars after a first trio of Gym Badges (stamps) have been acquired. Wild Jolteon also roam West Province (Area One).

Jolteon’s Competitive Use

Jolteon is the fastest of the Eeveelutions, at base 130 Speed. With the Choice Specs, Jolteon can out-maneuver most Pokemon thrown its way and deliver heavy damage. A Modest or Timid Jolteon armed with moves such as Thunderbolt, Tera Blast, Shadow Ball, and Volt Switch is great at switching in to finish off weakened opponents. The latter move also allows it to deal a heavy hit (it also has 110 base Special Attack) and swiftly exit the battlefield before taking damage, as it’s a real glass cannon.


Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Flareon at picnic

Flareon, the Fire-type evolution, is obtained by using a Fire Stone on an Eevee. This stone is available via the same methods a the Thunder and Water Stones. Alternatively, those looking to catch Flareon outright should head to South Province (Area Five).

Flareon’s Competitive Use

While Flareon is limited in its Movepool, it is still a solid Pokemon to use competitively. Its Hidden Ability, Guts, gives it a 50% Attack boost when it’s affected by a status condition. Giving Flareon an item such as the Toxic Orb can help ensure you have a status condition at all times. Using Flare Blitz while Guts is active ensures a massive amount of damage done to an opponent that doesn’t resist the move, thanks to its formidable base 130 Attack. It’s very slow for an offensive Pokemon, however, and its base 110 Special Defense is let down by its low 65 base HP.


Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Espeon at picnic

This Psychic-type Pokemon can be evolved from Eevee by reaching level 25 (or higher) and having a high friendship with the player. It must be evolved during the day. If this seems too difficult, it can be found in East Province (Area Three).

Espeon’s Competitive Use

Espeon has a high Speed too (base 110), only being bested by Jolteon among the Eeveelutions. This high Speed and Psychic typing, alongside its very higher base 130 Special Attack, makes it a formidable but frail offensive Pokemon. It gets very little coverage, though, and is best employed as something of a supportive Pokemon with Reflect/Light Screen.


Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Umbreon at picnic

Umbreon, the Dark-type Eeveelution, is the mirror opposite of Espeon. In order to evolve Eevee into Umbreon, it must reach level 25 (or higher) during the night. The Pokemon must have a high friendship level with the player. Umbreon can also be found in South Province (Area Six).

Umbreon’s Competitive Use

Umbreon is the most defensive of the Eeveelutions, boasting formidable HP, Defense, and Special Defense (base 95, 110 and 130 respectively). This makes it a real tank. Its recommended competitive build is pretty similar to Vaporeon’s. Players should use Wish and Leftovers to ensure that Umbreon keeps its health up. Foul Play is a real boon, allowing Umbreon to strike hard using the opponent’s Attack stat rather than its own mediocre offenses.


Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Leafeon at picnic

Leafeon is the Grass-type Eeveelution. It can be found in Glaseado Mountain, or evolved from Eevee using a Leaf Stone, acquired in the same ways as the other Evolution Stones discussed so far.

Leafeon’s Competitive Use

Leafeon may not seem like much at first, but it has some impressive physical bulk (base 130 defense offset by base 65 HP). With the Ability Chlorophyll, Leafeon can double its Speed in the sunlight. If it gets a chance to set up with Swords Dance in the sun, it can become quite the physical sweeper, though its limited coverage options do limit it somewhat. Covering its weakness and striking back with a surprise Tera transformation and Tera Blast is the key to unlocking Leafeon’s potential in Generation 9.


Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Glaceon at picnic

Glaceon, Eevee’s Ice-type evolution, can be found in South Province (Area Four). Alternatively, an Ice Stone can be used on Eevee, found following the usual methods.

Glaceon’s Competitive Use

Glaceon can be a true menace in Doubles play in particular, using its 130 base Special Attack to unleash Blizzards that have a chance to freeze either foe. Its low Speed (and reliance on snow to bypass accuracy checks with Blizzard) and characteristic lacking movepool mean it’s difficult to make this Pokemon shine, but it can output some tremendous damage if the situation suits it.

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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Sylveon at picnic

Sylveon, the Fairy-type evolution, is evolved in a similar way to Espeon and Umbreon. It must level up to (or beyond) level 25, but friendship isn’t the requirement. Instead, it must know a Fairy-Type move when it hits the next level. This Pokemon can also be directly caught in North Province (Area Three). A popular team member for competitive battles since its addition to the roster, and one of the best Fairy-types.

Sylveon’s Competitive Use

Sylveon is a deadly special attacker, when armed with its Pixilate Hidden Ability. Using moves such as Hyper Voice, Shadow Ball, and Quick Attack, it can devastate both opponents using spread damage and secure sneaky priority KOs alike. Tera Blast can also cause a lot of damage, and the mechanic offers Sylveon some valuable coverage and a typing change with offensive or defensive benefits, which can be important for all Eeveelutions.

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