How To Get Crushed Beast Bones

Diablo 4 is the latest addition to the popular Diablo series. This role-playing action game involves a progressive approach to combat, where defeating difficult enemies and making progress in the story and quests are key factors. One of the highly sought-after items in the game is Crushed Beast Bones, which are crucial for upgrading your Healing Potions.

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This guide will provide you with all the necessary information you need to know about finding, collecting, and using Crushed Beast Bones effectively in Diablo 4.

How To Get Crushed Beast Bones

Crushed Beast Bones are rare items used to enhance your health potions in Diablo 4. However, acquiring these rare items is not an easy task. To obtain them, players must take down beast-type enemies, such as bears, werewolves, and spiders. Since these bones are not commonly dropped, players must defeat a significant number of these monsters to collect a meaningful amount of Crushed Beast Bones.

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Crushed Beast Bones Farming Locations

Diablo 4 Scosglen Crused Beast bone location

When it comes to farming Crushed Beast Bones, the best locations to focus on are Scosglen and the Dry Steppes. These regions have a higher likelihood of beast-type enemies dropping Crushed Beast Bones compared to other areas, such as the Fractured Peaks.


Scosglen is an area known for its abundance of beast-type enemies. The Eastern part of Scosglen, specifically the Highland Wilds, is an excellent spot to farm Crushed Beast Bones. In this area, you will find the Whispering Pines dungeon, which houses numerous beast-type enemies, making it an optimal location for farming.

Dry Steppes

The Dry Steppes is another region with a high concentration of beast-type enemies. As you progress through the game and explore this area, focus on defeating all beasts you encounter. Doing so will increase your chances of finding Crushed Beast Bones.

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Tips & Tricks For Farming Crushed Beast Bones

Diablo 4 Treasure Goblin Cellar
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Here are some tips & tricks for farming Crushed Beast Bones in Diablo 4:

  • Focus on farming Crushed Beast Bones in Scosglen and Dry Steppes, as the drop rate is higher in these locations.
  • Target giant monsters like Werebeasts, Lycans, and bears for a higher chance of obtaining Crushed Beast Bones.
  • Make use of cellar chests in the Frosty Mine, Flooded Mine, and Disturbed Grave as additional sources of Crushed Beast Bones.
  • Be patient when farming Crushed Beast Bones, as the drop rate can be low.

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Uses Of Crushed Beast Bones

Player Upgrading Their Potion With The Alchemist

As mentioned earlier, Crushed Beast Bones are used for upgrading the healing potions in Diablo 4. Starting with the basic Weak Healing Potion available at the game’s outset, the potions increase in potency as you gain levels. At level 10, you’ll unlock the Tiny Healing Potion, followed by the Minor Healing Potion at level 20, and so on. Finally, at level 30, players can upgrade their Minor Healing Potion to the Light Healing Potion. To achieve this, you will need five Crushed Beast Bones, along with 20 Gallowvine, 10 Biteberry, and 470 gold.

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