How To Get Abstruse Sigil

Diablo 4 is riddled with all sorts of materials and items that you will want to collect throughout your playthrough of the game. These will all differ dramatically and be more useful to some classes than others. One such material is the Abstruse Sigil.

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Some RPG games will see you hoarding a large collection of a specific item that you never plan to use. Diablo 4, however, will have you burning through materials constantly. Fortunately, these materials will help you power up throughout your journey.

What Are Abstruse Sigils?

Abstruse Sigils are one of the salvageable materials you will be able to get in Diablo 4. You will not want to spend them needlessly. Instead, it is better to save them up for when you have something you know you will be making use of for a long time. Endgame pieces of gear are perfect candidates for upgrades.

What Do They Do?

Diablo 4 Bear Clan Berserker Loop Jewelry

Abstruse Sigils can be used to upgrade your legendary jewelry item up to level 4.

How Do You Use Abstruse Sigils?

Diablo 4 Upgrading Item

To use these materials, you will start by interacting with a blacksmith. Select the “Upgrade Jewelry” choice. The Jewelry item must be of Legendary Rarity.

Where Can You Find It?

Diablo 4 Blacksmith

You can acquire this material by taking Legendary Jewelry in your inventory to one of the game’s many blacksmiths and salvaging it. You will also get additional materials when salvaging Legendary Jewelry, each with its own purpose. This means there are no specific farm locations for this material. You will need to play the game in order to get enemies to drop legendary jewelry. You will then be able to salvage it for Abstruse Sigils.

Can You Increase The Rate You Acquire Abstruse Sigils?

Diablo 4 Difficulty

Yes, the game features the option to increase the difficulty of the game. The higher the difficulty, the better the loot. It is recommended you always play on the highest difficulty you can handle. Do this to get the best drop rates you can achieve, as this will dramatically speed up your progression through the game.

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