How To Get Aberrant Cinders

Aberrant Cinders are one of the many resources you will be amassing in the game. Aberrant Cinders are a material that acts as a form of currency for acquiring other items.

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Before you can start getting this resource, you will need to have the game’s World Tier set to Nightmare or higher. This is not an easy mode, and you will lose Aberrant Cinders if you die, so survivability is incredibly important. You will need to be sufficiently leveled up and have the right aspects to make the most of this game mode.

Where Can You Get Aberrant Cinders From?

Aberrant Cinders are only able to be obtained through playing one of the Endgame features of Diablo 4. This feature is the Helltide Event. During the Helltide Events featured in the game, players will have a limited time to collect as many of these Aberrant Cinders as they can. The Helltide Event will last 60 minutes, and while they are active, you will face off against enemies that are a lot tougher than they normally would be.

Killing these enemies will gain you Aberrant Cinders. You can also complete world events during these Helltide Events, which will also bag you some Aberrant Cinders. It is worth noting that completing world events is a better means of getting Aberrant Cinders than just killing monsters you come across, so it is recommended you do any World Events while the counter ticks down.

What To Do With Aberrant Cinders?

Tortured Gift in Diablo 4

As mentioned earlier, Aberrant Cinders act like a form of currency. This means you will need to spend them to actually get something of worth to your character. During the Helltide event, you will encounter several chests known as Tortured Gifts. You can spend your horde of Aberrant Cinders on opening these Tortured Gifts chests.

Are Tortured Gifts Loot Random?

Diablo 4 Tortured Gift of Heavy Weaponry

While opening them will reward you with random loot, different chests will have different names. You may find a Tortured Gift called Tortured Gift of Amulets. This will be a great one to open if you are looking for a specific Amulet to farm. Be aware that the Tortured Gift that can be the most rewarding is the Tortured Gift of Mysteries. This chest may give the best possible loot, but it is also the most costly. So if you have nothing, in particular, you are trying to farm, this chest may be the best one to spend all your Aberrant Cinders on.

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