How To Find And Use The Raptor’s Black Feathers Armor In Elden Ring

The Raptor’s Black Feathers armor is one of the best pieces to have if players are looking to squeeze more damage out of their jump attacks. Unlike most of the armor in Elden Ring, the Raptor’s Black Feathers gear has a passive ability: It buffs jumping attack damage by 10%.

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Getting the armor isn’t too complicated: Players will stroll through the Sage’s Cave, strike some illusionary walls, fight a few enemies, and then find the armor in a chest. After collecting the armor, however, it’s recommended to explore the rest of the underground dungeon because there’s some pretty useful loot in the area despite its confusing layout. To make sure fans don’t get lost on the way though, this guide will show Tarnished everywhere how to find this coveted, Bloodborne-esque chest piece, as well as detailing its unique benefits.

What Are The Raptor’s Black Feathers?

The Raptor’s Black Feathers is a chest piece with the following defensive stats:

Damage Negation




























  • Weight: 7.7
  • Increases Jump Attack damage by 10%

The biggest weakness to this armor is that its defensive resistances are on the lower side. However, its light weight and buff to jump attack damage are the primary reasons why the Tarnished will want to equip this armor.

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Where Is the Raptor’s Black Feathers?

Map location of Raptor's Black Feathers in Elden Ring

The Raptor’s Black Feathers gear is found inside a chest in the Sage’s Cave.

Just north of Liurnia of the Lakes, and northeast of Caria Manor, is a massive lake area. On the eastern side this area is the Sage’s Cave – a literal hole on the wall with the Sage’s Cave Site of Grace and a dungeon inside of it. The Sage’s Cave can be a convoluted labyrinth if players are new to it, so here are the steps to follow to find the armor piece:

  1. Once in the cave, run past the Site of Grace and straight down the hallway.
  2. There’s a trick wall at the end of the passage that will disappear once players hit, roll, or jump into it. Hit the wall, and head down the right side tunnel.
  3. Follow that tunnel and be careful of the single skeleton zombie in the next room.
  4. Once the zombie has been dispatched, when fans look to the right (west) there will be an indent in the wall that leads to another trick wall. On hitting the wall, the path will lead to two treasure chests.
  5. These two treasure chests have a Lost Ashes of War and Rejuvenating Boluses in them. Fans should drop from that platform and continue heading straight down the cave (southward). The bodies in this area all have Golden Runes [5], so players should be sure to pick those up while they make their way through this cave.
  6. The cave will open up into a much larger room with a camp fire inside of it. There are two skeletal bandit enemies inside of this room, so the Tarnished must be ready!
  7. Once those skeletons have been handled (or ignored), it’s time to look for an opening on the right side (northeastern corner) of the room.
  8. Fans should head down that passageway and, at the next fork, take the left side passage.
  9. This will lead to the backside of a large waterfall. Players should look to their left (west) and leap to the nearby platform along the wall.
  10. Next, they must continue forward (westward) and head into the next passage just ahead of them.
  11. This passageway leads to what appears to be a dead end. The Tarnished should strike the false wall here.
  12. Just behind that wall, there will be two chests. The chest closest to the entrance contains the Raptor’s Black Feathers, while the chest further in contains the Skeletal Mask helmet.

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How To Use The Raptor’s Black Feathers?

Raptor of the Mists being used in the Colosseum in Elden Ring

This armor is best used with any close-range build that relies heavily on powerful jump attacks, like dual-wielding Giant-Crusher Hammers or Vyke’s War Spears. Builds like these will usually also equip the Claw Talisman, which will further increase jump attack damage by 15% (7.5% in PvP).

Since the armor is so light and its resistances are on the weaker side, users will also want to equip more durable armor in their other slots to help make up for its weak defenses. Thankfully, the Feathers’ light weight allows more room for heavier armor/weapons if required. However, if weight becomes a problem, then getting the Great-Jar’s Arsenal Talisman will allow players to focus their points on damage-boosting stats.

The Raptor’s Black Feathers also works extremely well with Ashes of War that naturally put the player into the air, like Raptor Of The Mists, or damage-increasing Ashes of War like Royal Knight’s Resolve. Both of these Ashes also shine in PvP, since Raptor of the Mists is a powerful counter and Royal Knight’s Resolve adds a gargantuan 80% damage increase to the next attack (40% in PvP).

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