How To Complete Cassette Beasts’ Trembling Ground Quest

The fantastic Cassette Beasts is relatively hands-off about how the player is allowed to progress through the game. Many of the game’s quests can be unlocked and completed out of order, with some notable quests being able to be completely missed in a playthrough. With this freedom comes some confusion, and you may be unsure on where to go next.

Trembling Ground is a quest that helps you advance the story and gives you a piece of Morgante’s song. Whether you’ve been seeking the next piece of the puzzle or stumbled upon this quest, this guide will help you uncover the secrets underground. There’s a tricky boss fight to contend with down there, too, and this guide will reveal the key secret you need to know about the battle in order to complete it.

One way to instigate this quest is by talking to one of the townsfolk with a question mark above their head. They will have a chance to tell you about rumors of trembling below the ground, giving you the quest location. Alternatively, you can simply go to the location as marked on the map above, thereby bypassing the need to wait for the rumor to be shared with you.

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Unearthing The Station

Placing the rock in the right place in the rock formation in Cassette Beasts
Once you’ve arrived at the quest location, you’ll find three rocks standing in the area. A person nearby comments that it’s odd that these rocks seem to be set in a specific formation. Find a rock nearby and place it in the empty spot. On doing this, the puzzle is complete, and the route to the underground station will become available to you. Proceed down for the next stage of the quest in this monster taming title.

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Getting A Ticket And Passing Through The Gate

>Passing through the underground station in Cassette Beasts
When you enter the station and try to pass the gate, you’ll find that you need a ticket to proceed. To find the ticket, head to the left past where the boxes are and you’ll find three pressure plates. Place two of the boxes you passed earlier onto the plates and stand on the last one, and you’ll open a locked door.

You’ll enter a cave. Once inside, grab a box from behind the hill and place it on the red pressure plate. Use the platform it gives you to move and step on the green pressure plate on the other side, and this will open a door to the next part of the cave. In the second part of the cave, simply step on the green plates in order to unlock the treasure chest. Once you open it, you’ll be greeted by an ambush. Defeat this ambush to obtain the machine part.

Once you’ve obtained the machine part, return to the station and go to the right. Use the machine part to repair one of the broken machines. It’ll give you a ticket. Now you’re ready to go back through the gate to welcome an unexpected guest.

Archangel Poppetox Boss Fight

The intro screen for the Archangel Poppetox boss battle in Cassette Beasts
Along with an unsettling appearance, Poppetox has a scary gimmick that can quickly be fatal if you do not know how to handle it. Every turn, before you attack them, they’ll switch places with one of their effigies. Should you hit the effigy, the damage dealt to that effigy will be redirected to you. This means multi-target moves or random targeting moves are out of the question for this fight.

If you have echolocation on one of your tapes, be sure to peel it off for this fight.

The way to defeat this gimmick is actually very simple. At the beginning of every turn, a spotlight will shine on one of the effigies. That spotlight will indicate the next location Poppetox will switch to. All you have to do is target the spotlight to hit them. Once you’ve figured this trick out, this is a straightforward Archangel fight. Use rewinds to keep healthy, and build walls when Poppetox’s AP is full to block their ultimate attack. Keep fighting, and you’ll get a hint towards your goal, along with an extremely valuable piece of fusion material to use moving forward in this nostalgic RPG.