Forspoken: All Locked Labyrinth Locations

Forspoken has many areas that you can explore. Regions alone there are 5, and you can cover a lot of territory throughout the 12 chapters of the game. Within these regions are locked Labyrinths that if completed will give you a reward of some kind.

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In total, there will be 13 locked Labyrinths that you will want to find. While some of the Labyrinths are pretty straightforward, there are a few that will have multiple rooms with multiple bosses. This will make it easy to lose your way and get lost for a bit.

About The Labyrinths

These Labyrinths were created by the very first Tanta and as such, can only be accessed by a Tanta. Various enemies will appear in the halls and chambers of these Labyrinths and some will even have multiple rooms you will have to fight your way out of. A tip and trick for you with these Labyrinths would be to pay attention to your quest marker. This will help to guide you through these maze like adventures. Some areas you’ll have to defeat all the enemies and others will give you a choice of where to go.

It’s suggested you explore all the areas as you could find hidden treasures. You should also wait to embark on most of these Labyrinths once you defeat Tanta Sila, so you can swing from one point to another. This will help you access parts of the map that your Parkour Magic won’t reach. As for rewards, next to the Labyrinth icon, you will see a purple symbol that will tell you what reward you can get for finishing that particular Labyrinth. Typically, you will get very good Gear for Frey; even a few of the nail designs can be found as a reward for completing some of the Labyrinths.

Locked Labyrinth: East – The Barren Plains

The 1st Locked Labyrinth East in the Barren Plains is found by the Forspoken character.

This will be the first Labyrinth you will come across in Forspoken, and it will appear once you leave the Barren Plains Refuge after learning how to scale a wall and double-jump which you will need as you walkthrough this Labyrinth. Keep to the right and close to the cliff from that Refuge. This Labyrinth will show itself to you after falling a short distance.

Locked Labyrinth: Hill – The Blessed Plains

The 2nd Locked Labyrinth called Hill is found by the Forspoken character with fog surrounding the stone mountain.

To find this Labyrinth, you will want to travel to the Praenost region and once in this area, you will head West from the Eastern Cipal Refuge. From the Blessed Plains Belfry, go to your right to use the grapple spots. Then, from the Blessed Plains Refuge, you will head Southwest until the Labyrinth appears.You are going to have to climb the steep mountain ridges to reach this Labyrinth using the grapple points. When you reach the top, the Labyrinth will be sitting there waiting for you to enter.

Locked Labyrinth: Castle – Cipalin Way

The 3rd Locked Labyrinth Castle is found on a mountain top overlooking steep formations in the distance by the Forspoken character.

For the next Labyrinth you will head to the West side of the Junoon castle Town at the Pilgrim’s Refuge. Be sure not to leave this area, but instead, you will use your Parkour abilities to head on top of the tower and go South. A piece of land will be to the right of you, and you will jump onto it and then follow it west. Eventually, you will reach the Locked Labyrinth: Castle.

Locked Labyrinth: Barrier – The Guardians’ Way

The 4th Locked Labyrinth Barrier is found in a rock gully by the Forspoken character.

In The Guardians’ Way area, you will be on the ground-level sandy path but if you look up, you will see the next Labyrinth up on a mountain plateau. If you want, take care of the enemies around you and collect the loot. Then you’ll want to enter the Buraq Guild and head to the top. As you’re approaching the top, you’ll hear some enemies so prepare yourself. When heading to the Labyrinth, the Belfry will be to the left of you, and you will want to head to the Fortress before turning South. You will then reach the Barrier Locked Labyrinth not far from there.

Be sure to look around in the Buraq Guild, there are treasures throughout including a map.

Locked Labyrinth: Cliff – The Citadel

The 5th Locked Labyrinth Cliff is found by the Forspoken character who is approaching inside.

From the Western Refuge in The Citadel which will be East of the Fort Praenost, you’re going to want to head straight South along the border of this Region. You will eventually reach the Locked Labyrinth: Cliff.

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Locked Labyrinth: Mountain – Pioneers’ Plain

The 6th Locked Labyrinth Mountain is found among red glowing sharp rock ledges by the character in Forspoken.

While it’ll be easy to find this Labyrinth, it may be a little difficult to reach due to the rocky landscape. You will leave the cave in Chapter 5 that you took refuge in from a Breakstorm and go across the first bridge, but not the second one on the left. If you just head straight, you will see the Labyrinth ahead of you. To reach it, go to your right to jump on the platform then jump over the small cavity in the mountain, and then you will reach the Mountain Locked Labyrinth.

Locked Labyrinth: Mountain Base – The Fountainfields

The 7th Locked Labyrinth Mountain Base is found by the Forspoken character who is approaching it on top of a rocky ledge.

The next Labyrinth you will want to find will be in The Fountainfields. The Fountainfields Refuge will be to the East of the Labyrinth, so you will want to head West, go over a bridge, and enter Colline. You will continue West out of Colline then go into the Depths of Corruption. You will see this Labyrinth straight ahead of you.

Locked Labyrinth: Depths – The Untrodden Forest

The 8th Locked Labyrinth Depths is found by the character in Forspoken on a cool mountain ledge surrounded by rocks and trees.

In The Untrodden Forest, you will be finding the Depths Locked Labyrinth. To do this, you will have to scale the mountain ledge to reach it. From the Depths of Corruption you were in at the previous Labyrinth, you will want to head South until you reach some floating rocks that you will be using to pull yourself to a Refuge. This will be located in the middle of this region. Once you are done grappling, go Southeast over more rocks and using your grapple once again, climb up the cliff to get to this Labyrinth.

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Locked Labyrinth: Forest – The Wolfwoods

The 9th Locked Labyrinth Forest is found by the Forspoken character beyond some trees.

You will probably reach this one in the beginning of Chapter 11. You will be heading towards the Depths of Corruption: Junoon as the Forest Locked Labyrinth will be just before it. Using your abilities to travel faster, just head straight through the forest, Northwest of Sundar or Northwest from the Cipalian Way: Southern Belfry. Past the trees you will see the Labyrinth appear.

Locked Labyrinth: Field – Humble Plain

The 10th Locked Labyrinth Field is found under a glowing green sky in the middle of a field by the character in Forspoken.

This is one of the easier Labyrinths to find as it is just Southwest of the Humble Plain Eastern Refuge. If you keep traveling Southwest, you will eventually reach open fields and the Labyrinth will be out in the open among the vast fields.

Locked Labyrinth: West – Visorian Plateau

The 11th Locked Labyrinth West is found by the character in Forspoken who is standing in the middle of the glowing green entrance.

You will find this Labyrinth Southeast of the Visorian Plateau Refuge on top of a hill. This one is also fairly easy to find as it is out in the open like the previous one. Just continue Southeast from the Visorian Plateau Refuge, and eventually you will see the West Locked Labyrinth on top of a hill.

Locked Labyrinth: South – Homestead Hills

The 12th Locked Labyrinth South is found in the mountain shadows by the character in Forspoken.

The next Labyrinth will be a bit more difficult to reach compared to the previous 2. In Homestead Hills, the Labyrinth will be located East of the Belfry in this area. When you’re at the Belfry, if you scan the area then you will notice some grapple points in the distance. Once you reach the Troodon, go straight South. You will reach the Tanta’s Demesne Refuge then head Southwest and head back to the ground level. In roughly 500 meters will be the South Locked Labyrinth that may be difficult to see due to the shadow the mountain will cast over it.

Locked Labyrinth: North – Visorian Isthmus

The 13th Locked Labyrinth North is found in some long grass next to a mountain wall by the character in Forspoken.

The final and arguably one of the most difficult Labyrinths in the game will be the North Locked Labyrinth. To help you with this Labyrinth, you will want to increase your health as there will be a variety of enemies you will encounter. Fast travel to the Humble Plain Eastern Refuge then go straight North until you reach a couple grappling points as well as a Guild base. Keep moving North until you reach The Northern Corridor. You will do a bit a traveling following the grapple points to get over the trench. Keep going until you reach the ocean.

There will be ledges to your right that you can use your Parkour Magic on or warp up. You will eventually see 3 platforms that you will need to use Skip to reach them all. Adventure through the Tranquil Gate and battle your way through any enemies. Once the wave of enemies ends, head past the North gate, and you will see the Refuge as well as the North Locked Labyrinth.

If you fail one of these you will respawn back to the cliff.

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