Final Fantasy 16: Sekhret Location & Guide

Hunts are unlocked a bit further into Final Fantasy 16’s story, giving players another type of side content to look out for while exploring Valesthia. These hunts will pit characters against powerful monsters, rewarding them with large amounts of Gil and Renown.

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Renown is a new currency also unlocked after hunts, allowing players to redeem their good deeds for new items and AP. Side quests and hunts are efficient ways of earning Renown. This hunt will have players facing Sekhret, a larger and more powerful Minotaur that fights with a large stone club.

Updated On July 22nd, 2023 By Joshua Leeds: Hunts are some the most difficult battles Clive will face, meaning you’ll need the best build and gear to take them on. This article has been updated to include additional links to help players complete this hunt easily.

Where To Find Sekhret

You can find Sekhret’s location on the Hunt Board by talking with Nektar the Moogle, along with his difficulty rank and rewards. Sekhret is said to be located west of Rhiannon’s Ride in Rosaria. Start by traveling to the Obelisk in Martha’s Rest, and travel north out of the village. Sekhret is found along the left side of the marsh, just off the main road where you’d typically travel.

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How To Defeat Sekhret

Clive Fighting Sekhret With Eikon Abilities

Sekhret is a Minotaur that fights with a large stone club. His attacks are slow but pack a serious punch. While parrying his attacks are possible, it’s best to dodge and take the safe option. Trading blows with this creature will quickly spell your end. Sekhret often uses his charge attack, running across the battlefield twice and damaging anything in his path. After the second charge, follow up with a Phoenix Shift to catch up and land a few powerful abilities before he can recover.

One of Sekhret’s more deadly attacks is Big Swing. This will have him spinning while swinging his club and moving toward Clive. It’s important to time your dodges and keep dodging away until he stops spinning. His other deadly attack is Raging Bull, which can easily combo you with many weaker but staggering attacks. Getting out is almost impossible once he lands the first hit. If you do get caught in this combo, use items to keep your health up, as there’s nothing you can do to stop the incoming damage.

Sekhret is hard-hitting but slow, leaving you big windows to counter-attack him after he finishes an attack. Be patient during his attacks and wait for your turn before using any ability you have to try to build up his stagger bar. Utilize your Limit Break as often as possible to heal yourself or capitalize your damage when he’s staggered.

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