How To Extend Your Windows Laptop Battery Life

Are you also worried about your Laptop’s battery life?

In the laptop, the battery is built to store the electric charge so that you can run your Laptop without plugging the Laptop’s charger on the electricity. The average battery life of a fully charged Laptop is 4 to 5 hour but it degrades as your Laptop age is getting older. If you do not want your Laptop’s battery to degrade it’s life then you must follow my tips.

How To Make Your Laptop Battery Last Longer?

In this post, I have covered all the best tips on how to extend your Laptop’s battery life. I have covered 9 tips and tricks that I apply on my Laptop to improve my Laptop battery life.

I have prepared this guide by focusing on Windows 8.1 so the power settings to extend Laptop battery life may slightly differ in your case if you are using another version of Windows operating system.

I have focused only for Windows users that is why I don’t recommend following my guides if you haven’t installed Windows Operating System on your Laptop.

1. Activate Battery Saver Mode:

Activating battery power saver mode on your Windows Laptop can be fruitful to extend battery life. This setting should be activated only when you aren’t gaming, editing photos or videos, or processing some graphical tasks that require a lot of battery power. If you are doing normal activities then you won’t notice much of difference on your Laptop. 

Activate battery saver mode in Windows laptop, clicking the battery level indicator which is located on task bar. You can also find the battery power saving settings inside Control Panel >> Hardware and Sound >> Power Options.

2. Remove the unused peripherals:

When you plug any external or peripheral device into your laptop, the cable connecting your laptop and peripheral device also consumes the power when you’re not using it. That’s can be another main reason of draining your laptop battery fast. That’s why PC experts recommend to unplug the unused peripheral devices to save battery. 

3. Never drain your Laptop battery:

Most of the computer users doesn’t care the percentage of battery power remaining and continue their work till the laptop doesn’t interrupt their work by sending battery low notification. Such a careless habit is bad for your battery. 

That’s why it is recommended to plug it in before it dies.

It is recommended to plug in your laptop to the charger if your battery charge is draining below a 20%. 

4. Never keep your laptop plugged in all time:

Keeping your laptop plugged in to charge all time is bad for your laptop battery. It is not necessary to fully charge your laptop battery always. If your battery is charged upto 80% then plug out your charger.

5. Toggle keyboard backlights off:

Turning on keyboard backlight makes your laptop’s keyboard looks beautiful but the keyboard backlights also drain your Laptop’s battery life. Keyboard backlights looks simple but it can be a milestone to make your battery life last longer.

Toggle off the keyboard backlights if they aren’t needed. You can toggle off the keyboard backlights by pressing a Function key. If you don’t find a right Function key to be pressed on your laptop, then you can will find a setting for it in the Windows Mobility Center.

6. Turn down the screen brightness:

We usually increase the screen brightness level fully because watching movies and doing graphics related work on full screen brightness is easier. Full screen brightness not only drain your laptop battery life but also affects the health of your eyes. 

If you are not doing high level of task that needs full screen brightness then turn it down. Using your laptop inside the room is a better idea to save battery life because we need more brightness outside to see the laptop screen clearly. 

Activating power saving mode on your laptop automatically adjusts the screen brightness. You can activate this through power settings in control panel. 

7. Turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth:

If you don’t need Internet and any tethering connectivity then turn them off. Turning off the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth is another best idea to extend laptop battery life. Although you are not connected to a Wi-Fi network or a bluetooth device, but Wi-Fi sucks your battery power by searching for other nearby available connections. So turn off the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth if you don’t need connectivity. 

8. Use Microsoft Edge:

According to some tests and research done by Microsoft experts team, it is found that surfing the Internet through Microsoft Edge browser is so far better than other browsers. If you started using the Edge your battery power lasts 36-53% longer per charge.

If you are worried about your laptop battery life it is best to make Edge your default browser.

9. Buy SSD:

SSD or Solid-State Drive is a solid-state storage device that is more reliable than Hard disk drive. SSD commonly use less power than hard disk which results in longer battery life. In SSD data access is much more faster which makes them to use less power.


If you implemented all the tricks that I have covered here then I am sure you will be able to extend your laptop battery life. The settings that I have mentioned here easily works on Windows OS. If you have still any query related to battery power saving techniques then feel free to mention your query clearly in the comment box. 

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