Diablo 4: 10 Best Easter Eggs

One of the most exciting things for some players while playing video games is the ability to search for easter eggs. These easter eggs are small secrets and references to other titles in a particular video game series and to different franchises that the developers may be fans of.

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In Diablo 4, you can find countless easter eggs. Not only does the game reference the many different Diablo games that came before, but they also reference different franchises. Players have had a blast finding these easter eggs throughout the game. Here is a list of the top 10 found so far.

10 Music From Other Diablo Games

If you played the other games in the Diablo series, you’ve probably noticed some familiar-sounding music as you travel around Sanctuary. Several of the tracks that play in the game come from past games in the series, really bringing some memories back for older players. This is a subtle easter egg that has been nostalgic and exciting for those who do remember the music. Next time you are walking around, turn up the volume and see if you can remember which tracks came from the older games and which ones might be original to Diablo 4.

9 Skill Trees

Diablo 4 Easter Eggs Skill Trees-1

Another thing Diablo 4 borrows from past games is the idea of the skill trees for each Class. In Diablo 2, skill trees were a major aspect of gameplay mechanics. They were how players could get skills for their various characters skills in that game. In Diablo 4, they make quite a comeback, being the main way that players can get abilities for their characters, just like in the past. While they may be similar, the skill trees are much more advanced than the ones seen in Diablo 2.

8 Jazreth’s Staff

Diablo 4 Easter Eggs Jazreth Staff-1

For players who played the original Diablo, the name Jazreth may sound familiar. Known as the Summoner, Jazreth is the Sorcerer character from Diablo 1. He is well known to those who did play the Sorcerer in the game. His staff, the Staff of Elemental Command, can be found and used by Sorcerers in Diablo 4. The description of the weapon reads, “A powerful relic once belonging to Jazreth the Summoner, this staff was thought lost forever.” It is a rare staff and is a pretty good staff for those playing the Class.

7 Duriel

Diablo 4 Easter Eggs Duriel-1

Players who have played Diablo 2 may see a surprisingly familiar face in Diablo 4. Duriel is also known as the “Lord of Pain.” He is one of the 4 Lesser Evils in the game. During Act 2 of Diablo 2, players are tasked with killing Duriel, which makes his surprise appearance in Diablo 4 even more interesting. While he looked like an insect in Diablo 2, he changed his appearance to look less like one in Diablo 4. He is found in Act 6 of the game in the Besieged city and is a boss.

6 Introduction Class Arrangement

Diablo 4 Easter Eggs Classes-1

When you first log on to the game, you will see 5 characters sitting around a fire. These 5 characters represent the 5 Classes in Diablo 4. What you may not know is that this scene is very similar to the menu screen of Diablo 2. The similarities are shocking when you put both frames side by side. It is no wonder players caught on to this easter egg so quickly. On that screen, you will see 5 characters standing around a fire, who also represent the 5 Classes in the game. While not all the Classes are the same, a few are.

5 You Can Pet The Dog

Diablo 4 Easter Eggs Pet The Dog-1

One popular question among gamers starting a new game is whether or not you can pet the dog. Thankfully, the developers realized the importance of this and ensured that players could pet any dog roaming around the many cities and towns.

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This addition is a nice little easter egg that makes the world feel real. In order to pet one, you need to approach the dog and greet it by using the “hello” emote. This will cause your character to pet the dog. The dog will then follow you around for a little bit.

4 Cellars

Diablo 4 Easter Eggs Cellars-1

Throughout the Diablo franchise, cellars have held interesting events for plays to participate in. While it may seem like cellars are boring in Diablo 4, you just haven’t been in enough of them. Every single time you enter a cellar, you have the chance of running into a Treasure Goblin.

On top of that, you can even run into the secret Treasure Goblin Cellar full of these enemies. This is similar to the many secret levels in past games. It’s also an easter egg to encourage players to enter cellars.

3 Hellraiser

Diablo 4 Easter Eggs Hellraiser-1

One rather disturbing quest in Diablo 4 can be found pretty early on and is a reference to the franchise Hellraiser. The quest is called “Unyielding Flesh” and is found in Yelesna. Speaking to a lady named Krystyna, you will be asked to help save her husband, Feodor.

You’ll find him chained up nearby with a mysterious woman hovering around him. Feodor seems to actually be enjoying himself. This is a direct reference to the Hellraiser franchise. If players follow the mysterious woman, she turns into a demon.

2 The Butcher

Diablo 4 Easter Eggs The Butcher-1

One of the most exciting (and well-hidden) easter eggs in the game is the addition of The Butcher. This is one of the most well-known and loved/hated bosses in the franchise. Diablo 1 had The Butcher as a difficult boss. What makes The Butcher so interesting is that you cannot find him; he will find you. He has a chance of spawning in any dungeon at any moment. This means that if you spot him at a low level, you don’t have much of a chance against him.

1 The Butcher’s Cleaver

Diablo 4 Easter Eggs Butcher’s Cleaver-1

If you are able to beat The Butcher, you will obtain his cleaver. He was an extremely difficult overworld boss in Diablo 1 and appeared in special events in Diablo 3. The amount of players who have died from The Butcher’s Cleaver is terrifying. Considering he can spawn at any moment in Diablo 4, even more, players have experienced death by his cleaver. This weapon may not be the best in the game, but it certainly has a lot of lore behind it.

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