Destiny 2 Players Frustrated To The Point Of Boycott By Server Issues

Destiny 2 servers were suddenly brought offline last night, with Bungie later announcing out-of-schedule maintenance to deal with server instability. Since the beginning of Season of the Deep, Destiny 2 has been plagued with server issues. It appears that players are becoming increasingly frustrated with the game’s issues, with one user going so far as to call for a boycott in a Reddit post.

“The best way to get Bungie to actually acknowledge and address the huge issues plaguing the game is to simply stop playing,” reads the title of the post. To date, the post which essentially calls for a boycott, has been upvoted over 2100 times by community members.

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Multiple players have expressed their frustration over server problems in Season of the Deep. These issues have potentially prevented progress on season passes and the acquisition of weekly gears. “This is the first time since Season of Dawn that Iā€™m not 100 rank in the season pass already. Bungie has made me too apathetic to play anymore,” reads one of the comments that point out how the game’s server outage on a weekend could affect player progression.

The disappointment towards Season of the Deep issues isn’t limited to Reddit though. Some content creators like KackisHD have also expressed their frustration over all the issues they have faced this season so far. Some players speculate that Marathon’s development has been affecting the upkeep of Destiny 2, but there’s no evidence to suggest that this is the case.

While Destiny 2 does feature a checkpoint system for longer activities such as raids or dungeons, there are different types of runs in the game for different purposes. Playing at a higher difficulty level -Grand Master Nightfalls -and aiming for major Triumphs – Petra’s Run, for example – sometimes require players to complete certain activities in a single run.

Later today, Destiny 2’s weekly reset will bring with it this season’s final story missions, but it’s yet to be seen whether Bungie will be patching the game as well.

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