Cyberpunk 2077: Blistering Love Quest Guide

Cyberpunk 2077 has provided the players with several quests and activities that can result in a different ending. The Blistering Love quest is one such quest which can affect one of the endings of the game, as the players will be able to romance Rogue during the later phase of the quest.

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After completing the Chippin’ In quest and befriending Johnny in the oil fields, you can start the Blistering Love quest. The quest will require you to ask Rogue to take her out on a movie date and romance. After completing Blistering Love, you will get 322 Street Cred, 143 EXP, and the Bushido and Chill Trophy.

Blistering Love Walkthrough

At the quest’s beginning, you must call Rogue from your phone and ask her out on a date for Johnny. After she agrees, you must pick her up from Afterlife. If you call her in the daytime, she will leave you a message to pick her up in the evening. You can skip your time and go to Afterlife to pick her up after 7 PM. You can fast-travel to Afterlife and then meet Rogue there. Talk with her, and she will then get in your car. If you have the Porsche 911 II (930) Turbo that you got from Johnny, Rogue will have some different dialogue, which is not really that important. After picking her up, drive her to the Silver Pixel Cloud. On your way, Rogue will continue her dialogue about her stories with Johnny.

Upon reaching the drive-in movie theater, you will notice it’s closed. You will have to enter the theater by jumping through the counter window. However, the door to the inside of the theater will still be locked. Use the computer on the counter, and view the Severance message, which will reveal that the door password is 0000.

Checking computer for password

You will then have to start the projectors. On the left side of the entrance gate, you will see a staircase that leads to the projection booth. You will find the projector panel in the room. Use the panel to start the movie.

Using projector panel

After that, you will talk with Johnny. Take the pill, and give Johnny control of your mind. Once you are done, you will sit beside Rogue and watch the Bushido X movie. The Rogue romance part starts from here.

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How To Romance Rogue

Romance with ROgue-1

After watching the movie for a while with Rogue, you will get two dialogue choices. If you want to romance Rogue, choose these dialogues

  • “How’d you imagine this date going?”
  • “Sure. Lured you to the movies to get laid, by the way.”
  • “Do anything not to lose you.”
  • “Only thing that matters is I came back to you.”
  • “[Kiss] More than I expected.”

After you have completed these dialogues, your romance scene with Rogue will start. However, Rogue will stop you at one point, saying she can’t do it. Choose any of the dialogue from the four choices you have. After Rogue leaves, take the pills to bring the control back to you. Once you are back to your senses, you will have to talk with Johnny; you can choose any dialogue you want as the quest ends.

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