8 Best Movies Like Your Name

When Makoto Shinkai’s Your Name graced the screens in 2016, it took the world by storm, captivating audiences with its stunning visuals, heartwarming story, and unforgettable characters. The film’s unique blend of romance, sci-fi, and drama has left viewers eager to find more anime movies that can recreate the same magic.

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If you’re a fellow fan who simply can’t get enough of the emotionally-rich storytelling and mesmerizing animation that Your Name brought to life, then you’re in luck! We’ve handpicked a list of the top anime movies that exude the same allure and charisma as Your Name. So, come along with us on a journey through these exquisite cinematic gems that are bound to leave a lasting impression on your heart.

8 Josee, The Tiger And The Fish

Josee, the Tiger and the Fish, directed by Kotaro Tamura, is a heartwarming and visually captivating film that shares the emotional depth and engaging storytelling found in Your Name. The story follows Tsuneo, a college student who stumbles upon Josee, a disabled girl with a vivid imagination and passion for painting. As their unconventional bond blossoms, they inspire one another to step beyond their comfort zones and explore the world hand-in-hand.

A connecting thread between Your Name and Josee, the Tiger and the Fish lies in the portrayal of a blooming relationship with a somewhat messy beginning, ultimately evolving into a magical odyssey where the characters discover the courage to pursue what truly matters in life. Both films delve into themes of human connection, personal growth, and triumph over adversity, making them captivating experiences for those who appreciate soul-stirring storytelling.

7 I Want To Eat Your Pancreas

 I Want To Eat Your Pancreas is one of the best movies like Your Name

I Want To Eat Your Pancreas, masterfully directed by Shin’ichirou Ushijima, is a tender and heartfelt film that embodies the emotional impact and captivating storytelling present in Your Name. The story revolves around the unlikely friendship between an introverted high school boy and a vibrant, terminally ill girl named Sakura Yamauchi, who keeps her illness a secret from most people. As their friendship deepens, they learn invaluable insights about life and love and cherish their time together.

Though the film’s premise is different from Your Name, I Want To Eat Your Pancreas explores themes of human connections, personal growth, and the significance of life’s fleeting moments, making it a captivating experience for fans of emotionally resonant storytelling.

6 5 Centimeters Per Second

5 Centimeters Per Second is one of the best movies like Your Name

5 Centimeters Per Second, another entrancing creation by Makoto Shinkai, echoes the emotional depth and visually striking animation that has bewitched fans of Your Name. This film is an anthology of three interwoven short stories that trace the lives of Takaki Toono and Akari Shinohara, two childhood friends who become separated by distance yet stay connected through heartfelt letters and cherished memories.

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5 Centimeters Per Second delves into themes of distance, longing, and the passage of time. The film’s exploration of love, heartache, and the challenges of maintaining relationships over time resonates deeply with the emotional journey found in Your Name. (If you’re currently in a long-distance relationship, you might want to hold off on watching this one!)

5 A Silent Voice

A Silent Voice is one of the best movies like Your Name

A Silent Voice, a riveting and thought-provoking film directed by Naoko Yamada, exudes the emotional depth and character-driven storytelling that fans of Your Name have come to adore. The story centers on Shoya Ishida, a former bully seeking redemption as he tries to make amends with Shoko Nishimiya, a deaf girl he tormented during their elementary school days. As they rekindle their bond, they grapple with the intricacies of friendship, forgiveness, and self-acceptance.

Although A Silent Voice diverges from Your Name in its emphasis on themes such as bullying, disability, and redemption, it retains a potent emotional resonance and a character-driven plot that fans of Your Name will undoubtedly appreciate. The film’s examination of human connections, personal growth, and the repercussions of one’s actions crafts a compelling and evocative experience that leaves a lasting impression.

4 The Garden of Words

The Garden of Words is one of the best movies like Your Name

Yet another masterpiece from Makoto Shinkai, The Garden of Words, is a visually enchanting and emotionally touching film that shares the romantic and dramatic core of Your Name. The narrative centers on Takao Akizuki, a high school student and aspiring shoemaker, who forms an unexpected connection with Yukari Yukino, a mysterious older woman, as they find solace in a picturesque garden during rain-soaked mornings.

Though The Garden of Words has a shorter runtime, it still delivers an emotional wallop. The film’s exploration of serendipitous encounters, emotional bonds, and the influence of transient moments on our lives mirrors the themes woven into Your Name, making it an ideal pick for those yearning for a similar heart-stirring experience.

3 The Place Promised in Our Early Days

The Place Promised in Our Early Days is one of the best movies like Your Name

The Place Promised in Our Early Days is another exceptional work from Makoto Shinkai that shares similarities with Your Name. Set in an alternate post-war Japan, the film follows childhood friends Hiroki Fujisawa, Takuya Shirakawa, and Sayuri Sawatari as they dream of building an aircraft to fly to a mysterious tower on the horizon. As they grow up and drift apart, the three are reunited by fate, and their intertwined destinies lead them to uncover the tower’s secrets.

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The film’s themes of separation, longing, and the passage of time strike a chord with those explored in Your Name, making it a superb choice for fans in search of a similar cinematic experience.

2 Weathering with You

Weathering With You is one of the best movies like Your Name

Hailing from the same creative genius behind Your Name, Makoto Shinkai’s Weathering with You is another cinematic treasure that captivates the hearts of its viewers. Set against the backdrop of a rain-soaked Tokyo, the film follows the journey of runaway high schooler Hodaka Morishima, who encounters Hina Amano, a mysterious girl with the ability to manipulate the weather. As their bond deepens, the duo embarks on an adventure that delves into love, sacrifice, and the fragile balance of nature.

Weathering with You showcases Shinkai’s signature breathtaking visuals and a heartfelt narrative that masterfully intertwines romance, fantasy, and drama. The film’s exploration of the interplay between humanity and the natural world harmonizes with the themes present in Your Name, making it an ideal pick for fans seeking a similar experience.

1 The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time is one of the best movies like Your Name

Helmed by the gifted Mamoru Hosoda, The Girl Who Leapt Through Time is a mesmerizing time-travel adventure that bears a number of fascinating parallels with Your Name. This acclaimed film unravels the tale of Makoto Konno, a high school girl who stumbles upon her ability to “time-leap” and reshape past events to her advantage.

As Makoto grapples with the intricacies of adolescence, friendships, and love, she learns profound lessons about the repercussions of tampering with time and the significance of living in the present.

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