20 Best Druid Aspects, Ranked

The Druid is a very versatile class in Diablo 4; it will allow you to switch up your gameplay depending on the varied situations you find yourself in while leveling. Playing a Druid will provide you with many endgame builds that can wildly differ in play style. This is great if you are the kind of player that wants one character but many ways to play the game.

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Players who play a character like the Barbarian will be locked into playing a melee-focused character, while Sorcerers are locked into ranged-focused combat. Both have their pros and cons, but the Druid can do it all. Each class can equip various Aspects, including both general ones and ones that are unique to their own class.

Updated by Chad Thesen on 22 June 2023: This list has been expanded to include an additional 10 Aspects since its initial publication. Whereas some were added before the previously claimed best, new damage numbers have shown that some aspects place even higher than previously expected.

20 Vigorous Aspect

A lot of players prefer the Druids Werebear Shapeshift over the Werewolf Shapeshift purely because of how much more tanky the Werebear is. This Aspect helps blur the lines a little and will give the user a reduction to all damage received while they are in their Werewolf form.

The damage reduction will start at 10 percent, but it will be able to be raised to a total of 15 percent. Being the less tanky of the two options means this aspect will greatly increase the survivability of your Werewolf Shapeshift builds.

19 Aspect Of The Ursine Horror

Diablo 4 Druid Skinwalker's Aspect

The Aspect of the Ursine Horror is an Aspect that will make the Pulverize Core Skill count as an Earth Skill for all effects that involve Earth Skills. After you have cast Pulverize, they will have the damage caused by tectonic spikes continue to deal their damage over the course of 2 seconds.

On its own, this might not seem that great, but when paired as part of a combo can lead to a landslide of damage numbers and effects. It’s all about that synergy.

18 Aspect Of Quicksand

Diablo 4 Druid Ballistic Aspect

The Aspect of Quicksand will allow damage from your Earth Skills to slow down all the enemies that are hit by them. This slowing effect will start at 25 percent speed and be able to climb up to a total of 50 percent.

The slow will last for a total of 5 seconds. Again, this is a skill that will greatly benefit from synergy and will need you to experiment or use google to find the builds that work best with it.

17 Seismic-Shift Aspect

Diablo 4 Druid Aspect for Wildrage, stampede, Alpha, Storm

Earth Spike is a basic skill for the Druid, meaning it will generate Spirit and be your go-to choice while all your other skills are on cooldowns and you have depleted your Spirit reserves. This Aspect will give Earth Spike a cooldown of 2.5 seconds.

This cooldown can be lowered to 1.5 seconds. In addition, it will no longer behave in the same way it normally would and instead now be launched in a straight line, giving it a lot more utility.

16 Aspect Of The Rampaging Werebeast

Diablo 4 Druid Aspect for Wildrage, stampede, Alpha, Storm

Aspect of the Rampaging Werebeast will increase the duration of your Grizzly Rage skill by 1 second. This may seem very weak for only being 1 second, but this can go as high as 5 seconds. Druids familiar with Grizzly Rage will know how significant that will be.

It doesn’t end there; while Grizzly Rage is active, your critical strikes will deal increased damage for the entire duration. This can lead to some impressive damage numbers, earning it a place on this list.

15 Stormchaser’s Aspect

Diablo 4 Druid Aspect for Wildrage, stampede, Alpha, Storm

Stormchaser’s Aspect is extremely simplistic. One of the druid Storm Skills allows you to create a Tornado. This Tornado deals damage to any enemies it touches. This Aspect gives this Tornado some direction in that it will have the Tornado seek out enemies rather than just spin while there is nothing to hit.

At its worst, it will seek out 1 target. At its best, it will seek out up to 3 targets. This can make it significantly more effective.

14 Aspect Of The Aftershock

Diablo 4 Druid Aspect for Wildrage, stampede, Alpha, Storm

If you are using Landslide for any of your builds, you need to give Aspect of the Aftershock a look at. This will have the earth pillars from your Landsline striking your enemies a second time. On top of that, they will be dealing additional damage.

This additional damage will start at 6 percent and be able to be raised to a total of 12 percent. The Druid is a class that will greatly benefit from all these extra bits of damage stacked up together.

13 Aspect Of The Trampled Earth

Diablo 4 Druid Aspect for Wildrage, stampede, Alpha, Storm

Aspect of the Trampled Earth allows you to summon six Landslide Pillars of Earth when you use your Trample skill. These Pillars of Earth will be dealing 70 percent more damage than they normally would, and this can be increased to a total value of 80 percent.

Trample will also now be considered an Earth Skill. However, it will also be considered to be Nature Magic at the same time.

12 Shockwave Aspect

Diablo 4 Druid Aspect for Wildrage, stampede, Alpha, Storm

The Shockwave Aspect was tragically overlooked for its simplicity. What was once thought to be a nice buff to an existing skill turns this skill into something so great that some builds excelled over others because of it.

What drops it down is a nerf in a recent patch that reduced the Lucky Hit chance from one in three enemies down to one in four enemies. This Aspect generates a shockwave when the user uses Pulverize. This shockwave deals damage to all enemies it passes through.

11 Aspect Of Wildrage

Diablo 4 Druid Aspect for Wildrage, stampede, Alpha, Storm

This Aspect is so low on this list because it requires you to do a lot of setup, and it takes up a lot of space that could be used for other Aspects. Despite all that, it is still one of the top ten Druid Aspects. This aspect grants you a 20 percent attack speed increase after being a werewolf for 2.5 seconds and a 20 percent damage increase after being a werebear for 2.5 seconds.

Both of these last 15 seconds. What makes this Aspect truly shine is when it is used as a combo with Aspect Of The Alpha, which turns all your Wolf Companions into Werewolf companions.

10 Aspect Of Stampede

Diablo 4 Druid Aspect for Wildrage, stampede, Alpha, Storm

When you apply this Aspect, you will gain an additional companion. It will also increase the damage of skills used by your companions. This damage increase will range from 10 percent at the lowest and 20 percent at its highest.

On its own, this aspect can be pretty mediocre. In the wrong build, it’s just outright bad. However, when stacked alongside other aspects, this can combo into something truly dangerous. One such combo for this aspect is near the end of this list.

9 Skinwalker’s Aspect

Diablo 4 Druid Skinwalker's Aspect

This Aspect will allow you to regain some of your life when you shapeshift. If you are already at full life, this will instead be given the same amount of life you would have received in the form of Fortify. This is another great combo aspect, especially with the Aspect of Retaliation.

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Even without the combo, the ability to heal yourself on the spot can be a lifesaver, literally. Then you can use your shifted form to fight your way out.

8 Mighty Storm’s Aspect

Diablo 4 Druid Aspect for Earthen Might

A very appealing Key Passive for the Druid is The Earthen Might. With this passive, whenever you damage an enemy with an Earth Skill, you will have a 5 percent chance to restore all of your Spirit. You will also have a 5 percent chance to turn all follow-up attacks into guaranteed critical hits for the next 5 seconds.

This percentage goes up by 10 when the target being damaged is stunned, immobilized, knocked back, or you land a critical strike. What Mighty Storm’s Aspect does is apply this Key Passive to every one of your Storm Skills.

7 Vasily’s Prayer

Diablo 4 Druid Aspect for Vasilys Prayer

This Aspect appears as part of the legendary Helm of the same name. This is something for players that favor the werebear form over the werewolf one. This will treat all of your Earth Skills as Werebear Skills instead. It will also make all of these skills grant you some Fortify.

Fortify is a Status Effect in Diablo 4 and can be a form of damage reduction when it exceeds your maximum health. This can make for some very tanky builds. You will need to have your World Tier set to either III or IV for this to drop.

6 Nighthowler’s Aspect

Diablo 4 Druid Aspect for Wildrage, stampede, Alpha, Storm

With this Aspect, whenever you use the Blood Howl skill, you will see an increase in your critical strike chance. You will see a percentage increase ranging from 5 percent up to a total of 10 percent. This bonus is not just for yourself; it will also affect all nearby companions and other players.

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Critical hit chance increases are very powerful, as it bumps up the total damage you can dish out; this is especially true for your high DPS allies. This can be a deciding factor when facing off against a powerful foe.

5 Insatiable Fury

Diablo 4 Druid Aspect for Insatiable Fury

This is an Aspect that is also part of a piece of gear, a chest piece, to be precise. You will want to plan your entire build around it. This Aspect takes the Druid’s werebear form and makes that their true form. This completely changes your play style to focus only on attacks you perform as a werebear.

If that was not good enough, you would gain a flat +2 rank to all of your Werebear Skills. This will combo very well with Vasily’s Prayer Aspect, which, as stated earlier, turns your Earth Skills into Werebear Skills and will give you fortify. You will need to have your World Tier set to either III or IV for this to drop.

4 Aspect Of Natural Balance

Diablo 4 Druid Aspect for Wildrage, stampede, Alpha, Storm

Aspect of Natural Balance is for players that shuffle between Storm Skills and Earth Skills. When you use a Storm Skill, your Earth Skills gain a 30 percent increase in critical strike damage for 4 seconds. This can be increased to a maximum of 45 percent.

When you cast an Earth Skill, your Storm skills will gain an 8 percent increase to their Critical Strike Chance for 4 seconds. This can get as high as 12 percent. This Aspect will overall raise your damage numbers from all the extra critical hits and damage it will be providing you.

3 Ballistic Aspect

Diablo 4 Druid Ballistic Aspect

This list has tried to keep synergizing related Aspects lower, allowing more build-shaping Aspects to shine closer to the number one spot, but this Aspect is just too good not to be place higher. With this Aspect, when you have Fortify, your Earth Skills will gain +2 Ranks.

When paired with Insatiable Fury and Vasily’s Prayer, this all comes together smoothly. Your true form is a werebear, and your Earth Skills are Werebear Skills. They will also give you fortify, which in turn gives your Earth Skills +2 Ranks, and it just feeds back into itself.

2 Aspect Of Retaliation

Diablo 4 Druid Aspect for Wildrage, stampede, Alpha, Storm

This Aspect is great for the same reason Ballistic Aspect is great. With this Aspect, you will have every one of your Core Skills dealing a minimum of 20 percent more damage, and it can get as high as 40 percent based on the amount of Fortify you have.

If you keep stacking on Fortify every time before using a Core Skill, you will keep getting that increased damage for a consistent amount of output.

1 Aspect Of The Alpha

Diablo 4 Druid Aspect for Wildrage, stampede, Alpha, Storm

For players who want companions to accompany them throughout the game, this will jack them up to newfound heights. This Aspect will take all of your Wolf Companions and transforms them into Werewolf Companions. In addition to looking aesthetically more menacing and powerful, they will now be dealing 75 percent additional damage.

This increased damage can reach a total of 100 percent additional damage, but that’s not all. Werewolf Companions will spread rabies, which will deal 53 percent poison damage over 6 seconds.

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